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As a woman who enjoys her freebies, I have amassed quite a collection of store birthday programs and free gifts over the years.  In order to spread the wealth, I thought I would share my favorites! Read on for more information on the programs, their presents, and how to join.

Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals has one of the best birthday programs of the beauty stores.  They gave a beautiful orchid colored eyeliner as their birthday gift.  The eyeliner is full-sized, a beautiful color, and an amazing birthday present.  Their coupon was sent via email and no purchase necessary.  You can sign up for their birthday program here:



Sephora’s birthday program gives a new gift every year; thus, I received many different beauty products from their program.  This year the program gave two travel-sized lipsticks from NARS.  One is neutral mauve, and the other is a deep red color.   Both are neutral enough to be flattering on most, if not all, skin colors.  You receive the coupon code for this freebie via email.  Sign up for the Sephora birthday program here:


Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s gives a sweet treat for your birthday.  If you download the app (simply search Auntie Anne’s) and sign up with your birthday, you will receive a free pretzel of your choice on your birthday.  I chose cinnamon!  Also, on various days through the year, Auntie Anne’s will give out more free pretzels and offers through their app, so look out for more freebies!


Starbucks has a birthday rewards program through their app and website.  Unfortunately, I was not able to get their freebie this year, but in years past, I was able to choose whatever I wanted from the menu (no matter what size, drink or food item!) 

Royal Farms

The Royal Farms app is a god-send for a slurpee lover such as myself.  With one right on York Road, not only do I get free slurpees usually once a week, just by playing a simple memory game, but I also receive a free chicken meal on my birthday!  Just download the app and sign up for the birthday program. 


Cinnabon has sent many different freebies as part of their rewards program.  Unfortunately, there is not a Cinnabon in the Towson mall; however, if you find a Cinnabon, their email program offers varying free birthday gifts.  This year I received a free MochaLatta Chill!

Sally’s Beauty Supply

Although not a freebie, any beauty lover will recognize the inherent value in a Sally’s coupon.  Sally’s sent me a $10 off $20 for my birthday via email with membership to their beauty program, which I recommend simply for its everyday shopping perks!

Sophia Zahner is a freshman at Towson University majoring in History. She has a variety of interests including anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to thrift shopping. She is a slurpee enthusiast and avid DIY-er from Essex, Maryland who loves style, writing, and anything vintage.
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