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By Jazmyne Carr

As a self-proclaimed passenger princess, I do not like to drive. The constant focus, attention to surroundings, and multitasking that driving requires often makes me feel anxious and flustered. I’d much rather kick my feet up in the passenger seat and scroll through TikTok, observe the passing scenery, or catch up on some much-needed sleep. However, this school year I transitioned from an on-campus lifestyle to living back at home, which meant having to drive 30-40 minutes to and from school each day. To reduce my driving anxiety and make my daily commutes as enjoyable as possible, I completely revamped my music library with a special focus on finding albums that could get me through those long car rides to create the perfect energy-filled soundtrack. 

Below I have curated a list of five albums that have helped me get through those dreadful early-morning and late-night commutes to and from school.  

1. Cowboy Carter – Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s latest genre-bending release is truly a masterpiece. From goose-bump-inducing ballads like “16 Carriages” and “II Most Wanted” to upbeat bangers like “Tyrant” and “Sweet Honey Buckin” this album provides a range of sonic excellence to facilitate a great commute. In the morning, when I need to wake myself up for my three-hour lecture class, I gravitate toward the album’s more upbeat trap-inspired second half. For my commute home, the first half of the album which is inspired by more traditional country influences is perfect to help me calm down and reset after a long day of studying. 

2. Tyla – Tyla 

Tyla’s newly released self-titled album is by far my favorite music release of the past few years. The Afro beats that are characteristic of her songs provide the perfect chill but upbeat vibes for every type of commute. Along with the amazing production, Tyla’s empowering, confidence-inducing lyrics make her version of Afrobeats both impactful and fresh. When I listen to “Tyla” I can’t help but dance, belt out the lyrics, and feel like the true baddie that I am. My favorite songs on the album include “Water (Remix)”, “ART”, “Truth or Dare”, and “Safer” but in all honesty, I am obsessed with every song. “Tyla” is truly a no-skips album.  

3. Where Have I Been – Jade Novah 

This album is completely different from any album that I’ve ever heard. I consider it more of an audio journal than an album because throughout “Where Have I Been” Jade Novah skillfully incorporates comedy, music and dialogue to tell a realistic story of growth and self-love. Although the characters in the album are fictionalized, the experiences of the main character feel real and give voice to true issues that young women face today including daddy issues, unfaithful partners, poor mental health and self-doubt. As a result, the album creates a truly immersive storytelling experience that has helped me get through the sleepiest of drives. Standouts from this album include “Rollercoaster”, “Where Have I Been” and “Butterfly”.

4. For All the Dogs – Drake

Drake is my all-time favorite artist, so of course I had to include one of his albums on this list. I chose to highlight this album not only because it is my number-one go-to for commuter days but also because I rarely hear people discuss or mention it. Although I didn’t like “For All the Dogs” when I listened to it the first time, after my second and third listen I was completely hooked. There was a two-week period where this album was the only thing I played in my car. Drake has an undeniable talent for making songs within any genre that are objectively good and this album only further displayed that ability. From rap-heavy songs like “Away From Home” to more lighthearted songs like “Rich Baby Daddy”, and songs about heartbreak like “Polar Opposites”, Drake utilizes catchy bars and dance-inducing beats to showcase his range and hit-making ability.

5. Trapsoul – Bryson Tiller 

Last but not least we have Trapsoul, Bryson Tiller’s debut triple platinum album and my favorite album of all time. I have been obsessed with this album since it came out when I was in middle school because of the revolutionary way that Bryson Tiller combines rap and R&B into each one of the songs. With this album, Bryson invented an entirely new genre of music while simultaneously baring his soul in a display of confidence, vulnerability, regret, and love.

Despite it being almost 10 years since the album’s release, the lyrics still resonate and the songs sound even better than when I first listened to them. Alongside massive hits like “Don’t” and “Exchange”, lesser-known songs like “Let Em’ Know”, “The Sequence” and “Overtime” can hold their weight which is an impressive feat. If you want even more bangers try out the more recently released deluxe version which adds hits like “Just Another Interlude” and “Self Righteous” to the already impressive setlist.  

After a semester and a half of commuting, I can honestly say that I enjoy driving thanks to these albums (and the many others) that have made my commute fun instead of stressful. Surprisingly, my days no longer feel complete unless I’ve had at least one jam session in my car. Hopefully, these albums bring you just as much joy and energy as they have brought me.  

Jazmyne Carr

Towson '25

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