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Fall Fashion Specifically For Towson

So ladies it’s that time again, summer is over and our days of wearing tank tops and shorts are coming to an end. So the question is what is trendy and in style for fall and how am I going to make it work at Towson?

Here is a cute leather jacket paired with a very in style funky pattern knit sweater with burgundy jeggings and some adorable chunky studded black boots! Image courtesy of me from Polyvore

Knit Sweaters With Funky Patterns

Well I can answer both of those questions and more. A predominant upcoming trend for fall is knit sweaters with funky patterns. This is one of my favorite upcoming trends; it’s great for Towson’s campus if you’re rushing to get to class or just feel like throwing something on for those early 8 am classes. Or maybe you’re just looking for something that will keep you warm and look cute at the same time. This is definitely a cute trend that is great for college whether you are studying in the library or going out to lunch with a friend.


Another trend for fall is leather! But you’re probably thinking how this is affordable and how am I going to wear this at Towson. Faux leather is cheap and doesn’t harm animals! A leather jacket is perfect for those times when you wear a cute top with thin material. It’ll keep you warm on those windy days and while walking through shaded areas on campus, all while being more fashionable than a hoodie.

Prints Everywhere!

Another trend that’s popping up this fall is prints, any kind of print whether it’s floral or animal, yes I said animal! This is great for Towson. Say you want to look cute but still be reppin those Towson colors, just throw on some cute tiger printed flats or a tiger printed handbag, you’ll be fashionable and still be showing some tiger pride.

Sweater Dresses

A classic fall trend, that’s big this year, is sweater dresses with leggings. Nothing is warmer or cozier when you are walking up the steps to the liberal arts building or just simply sitting in class. It’s not only cute but something quick and easy to put together.

Let’s not forget about colors! Burgundy is a huge color for fall this year so why not try that sweater dress in burgundy?

Navy and Black

Another trending color is the combination of navy and black together. People always say not to wear these colors together but I am telling you to do it! It’s an adorable look for going to class or simply lounging in your dorm. It is great for everything from handbags, shirts, dresses even shoes. Yes ladies I said shoes!

Toed Flats

So what shoes are fashionable for fall you know us girls can never have too many shoes! A big trend for fall shoes is capped toed flats! They are perfect for walking up the steps and across campus; they are comfy and adorable and come in many cutes colors! Metallic is also huge when it comes to shoes this year! It’s a great way to add a little bit of color to a plain outfit and jazz up your flats!


But we don’t have to just wear flats; chunky studded boots are big and can go with a dressier outfit or simply skinny jeans and a sweater. These are perfect for walking around campus or going on a date. Another great boot is two-toned boots. These boots are huge right now and perfect for on campus or going to a football game! They are comfy and can work for any outfit; you can even incorporate the two big colors that I told you about earlier, navy and black!


Let’s talk about wedges! Wedges are adorable but are a little bit difficult to walk a long distance in, not anymore though! Hidden wedged boots are adorable and come in multiple colors and patterns, you get the feel of a wedge but your feet won’t hurt at the end of the day!

So to recap, sweaters with funky patterns are in, burgundy is a great color to wear with fall, and so is navy and black! Leather is huge and can be affordable, and in the way of shoes, wedges and chunky studded boots are big this fall! I hope you guys like these trends and I can’t wait to see you strutting these latest fall fashions!

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