Essential Items Every Music Festival Goer Should Pack

Music Festival season is approaching! It’s an exciting time for any music lover and fan of outdoor concerts. Music festivals are a great bang for your buck, allowing you to see a variety of bands and artists within a short time frame. I have attended various music festivals such as Landmark Festival in Washington, DC and Budweiser Made in America Festival in Philadelphia, PA.

My Friends and I at the Budweiser Made in America Festival

Looking back on the experiences I have had, I did not always bring the items that I should have brought that would have helped me survive the festivals. Yes, music festivals are a fun experience but if you are not properly prepared that experience can go sour very quickly. I have learned my mistakes and figured out what items are necessary to bring, in order to have the best experience at a festival. Here is my list of essential items that every festival goer should bring along with them:


A Bandana

Festivals are normally hosted on open fields that have minimal grass in which crowds of people kick up dirt into the air, making it hard to breathe. This is when the bandana becomes you best friend. Not only is this accessory great for your hair but it will help you breathe! By wrapping the bandana over your mouth, it will block out all the dust that is in the air from getting into your nose and lungs. I forgot to bring a bandana with me to Made in America Festival which was a horrible decision on my part, I could barely breath.  I left the festival coughing up dirt and every time I blew my nose, dirt would come out. So, save yourself the trouble of not being able to breathe and bring a bandana!



Reusable water bottle

It is imperative at festivals that you stay hydrated since you are in the sun all day. If you are not hydrated, you run the risk of passing out or getting sick. Bringing your own water bottle to a festival is a great alternative to continuously buying plastic water bottles every time that you become thirsty throughout the day. Many festivals have free water refilling stations that you can use if you bring your own water bottle. Before you enter the festival, just make sure that your water bottle is empty and they will let you bring it in. Bringing your own reusable water bottle not only saves you money and keeps you hydrated but it also helps the environment.


Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

Food at festivals is not cheap. Packing small snacks such as granola bars are a great option to minimize your spending on food during the day while at the festival. Keep in mind that it is still important to eat breakfast or lunch (depending on when the event begins) before venturing to the festival. The day is long; you need to keep your body fueled.

A portable charger

There are some charging stations at festivals but they are normally always crowded. When you phone is about to die and you have to contact your friends, it is not ideal to wait in line to charge your phone. Portable chargers are great investments in case of a situation like this. Ultimately, it is just good to have a portable charger because you never know when your phone will die in situation when you really need it.

Sunglasses or a hat

The sun will beam down on you without mercy while you are standing in the crowd. It is really hard to see the stage if it is really sunny and you don’t have these items. It is necessary to bring  accessories that are going to block the sun from your eyes.

Fanny packs or a small bookbag

In general, you only want to bring a small amount of items with you to a festival. Fanny packs and small book bags are the most effective way to carry around all your belongings. Fanny packs are great if you are only bringing small things such as your phone and wallet. If you’re bringing a fanny pack, in my opinion, you  should still designate one friend that would be willing to still carry a book bag to hold water bottles and any other larger items. Overall, a small backpack is probably the best way to carry your belongings around a festival because you can carry larger essentials as well as smaller ones.

Toilet paper and hand sanitizer

For the record, I hate porta potties! But they are the only bathrooms available to you at festivals. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer are two things that constantly run out in the porta potties because of how many people attend the festivals and thier minimal upkeep during the day. It is better to pack these two things then to fall short once you're already  in the porta potty. It is so important to stay sanitary!



Music festivals are a great experience that can be maximized if you are fully prepared. It is hard deciding what you should and shouldn’t pack for your time at a festival but I hope that my list of essentials makes your decisions easier. You can conquer this festival season by being prepared and having fun!