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With the recent withdrawal of Senator Ted Cruz and the suspension of John Kasich’s campaign for the Presidential Race, the Republican nomination is nearly Donald Trump’s to lose. It is a controversial topic for every voter in the nation. The rise of Trump is inching closer and closer to his possibility of becoming the new President of the United States. However, what some voters are taking into account is the chance of Donald Trump’s campaign being a set up to allow hopeful Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, the position of Presidency. Further explanation needed….?

Donald Trump has admitted to donating to the Democratic party in his career previously. Bill and Hillary Clinton attended Donald Trump’s wedding in 2005. Even their daughters, Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump, are friends. Hillary Clinton was a United States Senator in New York, the home of Donald Trump’s empire base. And if that is not enough to convince you, get a load of this: Donald Trump has been treating Hillary in a particularly brutal way since they both announced their entrances to the race, almost as if he is trying to cover up a secret friendship happening in the midst of his criticisms. Trump has explained that, “Clinton would have zero chance of winning without playing the woman’s card,” and he believes, “she’s maybe worse than Obama.”

Now evidence has proven a relationship between Clinton and Trump in the past; however, voters are proposing the alliance is currently stronger than ever. Opinion has it that Clinton is paying for Trump to campaign against her so when they both win their selected nominations, Trump will drop out of the race and solidify Clinton’s spot as President of the United States.

Former GOP Nominee, Carly Fiorina, expressed her opinion on the conspiracy stating, “Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton’s Christmas gift wrapped up under the tree.” Even Jeb Busch has in on the scoop, tweeting, “Maybe Donald negotiated a deal with his buddy @HillaryClinton, continuing this path will put her in the White House.”

Conspiracy theories and drama are prone to happen at this state of a controversial presidential race, but look at these statistics. Donald Trump is notably the best speaker and Public Relations Specialist to ever run for President. If this theory is true, Trump has done an excellent job fooling Americans nationwide who have been electing him as the winner in countless state primaries. No clear answer will be decided until the day Clinton and Trump both receive their nominations, but the world better be watching to see how the future of America could potentially fall into the hands of Donald Trump.





Amy Phillips is a student at Towson University pursuing a double major in Mass Communications (Journalism & New Media) and Dance. She is a Jersey girl at heart, aspiring to become a News Anchor and Dance Teacher. Amy has a heart for helping others in the community, dreams of dancing in the Disney College Program, as well as becoming Miss America. Follow Amy on Instagram: amy_phillips46
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