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As Halloween has rolled away along with the month of October, we have finally walked into the beautiful month of November aka the last month of fall. 

Must I say it again? 

Fall…meaning autumn. 

Meaning there is no reason we should be selling Christmas trees already, we shouldn’t be walking into stores like Target with holiday decor, Chirstmas icings and cookies being sold. There shouldn’t be twinkling lights and snowflakes dangling from the ceilings of malls, shouldn’t be radio and TV commercials talking about deals on toys and new electronics, there shouldn’t already be red, festive starbucks cups in the hands of coffee drinkers, and there shouldn’t be Christmas music playing at my job. 

Don’t get me wrong. I think that Christmas is a wonderful holiday! The crisp winter air, the jolly atmosphere, and the many events and traditions that are available for those of all ages. But does that all have to be introduced right after Halloween? When I jumped into my car the morning of November 1st, I automatically heard two back to back commercials on the radio talking about “Christmas steals” on toys. 

Amid the anticipation of Christmas we are missing a very special and important holiday here! A holiday that we only celebrate here in the states, one that comes after Halloween and right before Christmas. A holiday where we can give thanks, and reflect on the past year for all that we have been greatful for. My favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is literally crushed every year from the weight of consumerism that Christmas brings. It’s sad to know that people forget the importance of this holiday that is so near and dear to my heart. Automatically after Halloween many people jump right to figuring out what they are going to buy for their friends and family for Christmas, and many others find more excitement in Black Friday than in Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving is so beautiful because it has nothing to do with wrapping presents or stuffing stockings. It has nothing to do with getting the latest toy or finding the best deal. It’s the most simple and truly beautiful day of the year because you spend time with friends and family. Just talking about the best of what has happened in the past year, helping cook food or set up the table, and eating until you fall asleep watching football. 

The holiday shouldn’t be smothered in the commercialization of Christmas. We should have the decency to introduce Thanksgiving in welcoming arms, without the red holiday cups, without the christmas reefs hanging on our doors. We should put away the Christmas deals and steal away items until the stroke of midnight when it is officially the end of Thanksgiving, and when those lunatic Black Friday shoppers clash through the doors of Macy’s and Walmart. It should be a special treat to celebrate not only Thanksgiving, but also Christmas. 

Give Christmas the time to be charming and breathtaking during the time it should be. By introducing Christmas so early, we easily become tired of the peppermint flavored cookies and repetitive soundtracks. Instead we should be able to reach Christmas with a cheerfulness that excludes the thoughts of presents. The best gift we all have are the special people that surround us.

As beautiful as Christmas is with the beautiful stores and colorfully wrapped gifts, we must remember that our country has changed our perception about Christmas. It’s not about the gifts, and it’s not about getting what you wanted under the Christnas tree. It’s about having happiness and sharing love with your family.

I'm a sophomore at Towson University, and am originally from Gaithersburg, MD. I'm double majoring in advertising and public relations, with a minor in marketing and Italian. I love fashion, photography, playing the violin, listening to all types of music, history, and going on adventures with friends.
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