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Campus Cutie: Emily Grap


Name: Emily Grap

Year: Junior

Major: Occupational Therapy

Hometown: Hershey, Pennsylvania

Relationship Status: Single

Campus Involvement: Habitat for Humanity

Hobbies: Running, kayaking, drinking coffee

Favorite Place to Eat on Campus: Susquehanna

Favorite Place to Chill on Campus: In a tree on my hammock

Favorite Movie: Elf Favorite Shows: Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill

Favorite Music Genre: Country

Favorite Qualities about Self: Friendly and laid back

Ideal Qualities for Potential Mate: Funny, kind, and motivated

Your Spirit Animal: Falcon

Ideal First Date: Something that is active, possibly outside

Celebrity Crush: Patrick Dempsey and Ryan Reynolds

Life Goals: To be a successful occupational therapist and travel

Quote: “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” ~Unknown

Born in New Hampshire and moved to Maryland to attend Towson University for a degree in Occupational Therapy.
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