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The Big Two-One in Towson

Turning twenty-one is a pretty big deal. At twenty-one you can leagally do what you’ve been doing since high school. You no longer have to worry about fake ID’s, passbacks, “Hey Mister-ing” someone to buy alcohol for you, you can now walk into a bar or liquor store and be served. Being of legal drinking age in Towson is great because you’re walking distance from several bars (a.k.a Uptown) and a short Lyft ride to the City. Here’s how you can make the most out of your twenty-first birthday in Towson. 

Make it known: Wear a sash, tiara or button (or all three at once!) that says you’re finally legal. You’ve waited years for this moment, so own it. 

Bar Hop: Go to more than one bar Uptown the night of your birthday. Get a two-for-one drink at Rec Room, get on the wall at Lil Dicky’s, play some beer pong at CVPs, and then get another drink at The Greene Turtle. 

Save your money: Don’t expect to spend a lot of money when you go out on your birthday. Someone is going to buy you a drink or two or maybe a shot whether it’s one of your friends or a kind stranger.  

Don’t drive drunk: no explanation needed. You do not need to spend your first night of legal drinking in a Baltimore County Jail cell. Call Jimmy’s. 

Would it be cliche if I say “have fun?” 

Junior at Towson University. Political Science major, Mass Communication minor. Raised Right. Lover of all things figure skating, the Baltimore Ravens, coffee and mixed drinks. Twitter: @Melliiisssaaaa Instagram: @Melliiissssaaaaa
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