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Benjamin Han of Pop-Punk Band Brokenland Parkway



When asked to describe his band in a few words, Benjamin Han of Brokenland Parkway said “pop-punk/alternative. “We create songs with roaring guitars, catchy melodies, and spot-on harmonies that brings a surge of energy to the listener and plent of entertainment,” said Ben. Read on for our exclusive interview with the musician!




Where are you from?


I am from Laurel, Maryland and the rest of my band is from Columbia, Maryland.


What high school did you attend?


The drummer of my band and I attended Reservoir High School and the lead guitarist attended Hammond High School.


What is your major?


I am a family studies major, with a focus on the child life track.


Can you tell me a little about your band?


Our band is a five piece band with Tommy Carr on vocals, Brian Lis on the lead guitar, Benjamin Han (myself) on rhythm guitar/ vocals, Scott Daly on bass, and Jeremy Konstanzer on drums.


When did you first start gaining an interest in the music?


I began playing music way back before I can really remember. I started out with piano and in the 4th grade and I just enjoyed myself so much. Then I branched out and began to learn how to play the French horn. I ended up teaching myself how to play the guitar. I’ve always had an interest in thar, especially with watching all the bands and guitarists on MTV and such.


When did you form your band?


My friends and I started our band during our 8th grade French class, obviously we weren’t too focused on learning French.


What made you spark the idea of starting a band?


Growing up, the music scene in our schools, neighborhoods, and just our daily lives, whether it was on TV or on a billboard, music has always been largely promoted. Where I’m from, celebrities in rock bands and such were equivalent to being a huge football star in a sense. I would always watch Linkin Park and Yellow Card concerts and dream of being there and performing at that great show with all their support of screaming fans who look up to them. 


Do you play an instrument in your band?


In the band, I play guitar and back-up vocals.


Do you sing?


Yes I do, I sing harmonies and back-up vocals. 


Are you with the same people that you originally started the band with?




Have you ever preformed In front of large audiences before?


Yes, we have preformed at venues such as the Ottobar and the Recher Theatre, which we often play at. 


Wow, do you get stage fright?


No, I enjoy it too much and I have always played in the school talent shows, so I guess I have gotten some practice at it.


What made you choose Brokenland Parkway for your band name?


We got the name from a street that leads to a mall near our neighborhood. It was a place where all the kids would hang out, and over summers they would play concerts in an open field near the mall. Unfortunately the music scene started dying, so we want to represent our music scene near where we live. 


What type of music do you preform?


We play pop-punk alternative rock. We sound similar to Fall Out Boy and All Time Low


Do you write your own music?


Yes, everyone in the band contributes their own ideas into our music.


Do you have any influences on your bands music?


Absolutely, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy and All Time Low influences us. 


Do you have any up coming concerts?


Yes! Actually we have a concert on March 2 , The doors open at 6:30 p.m. and we go on at 8:40 p.m.


Where is it located?


At the Recher Theatre located in Towson and right down the block from the university!


What is the admission pricing?


Tickets purchased from me are $10 and at the door it is $12. And if you are under 21 it is an extra $3 at the door.


Can you give our readers a reason why you believe your concert is worth coming to see?


Most of the time, local bands that play at venues have a weird/awkward line up of bands. This show will be all pop-punk bands and the line up in my opinion is very good. There will be a lot of talented bands there that we have played in the same shows with in the past and they are now our good friends. Not only do they play great music and perform the way they sound, they also put on a great show and are a bunch of nice guys. I can guarantee a great time for everyone who comes to the show. 


Are you planning on making your band a profession? Or will you just keeping it as a hobby


Being in a famous band was a huge dream of mine as a kid, and it is awesome that I was able to fulfill that dream to a certain extent. But I plan to have a family, kids, and a home of my own too someday. At this point, I don’t know exactly what I want. If I do make this a profession, I would at least like to finish school first, get an education and a degree before I take it any further. 


What else would you like everyone to know about your band/ yourself?


We love music and we’re always looking forward to meet new people, playing shows, and representing Maryland! Check us out on Facebook and you can follow us on Twitter @brokenlandband. Our new EP “2 A.M.” is available on Facebook, give it a listen and tell your friends! Hope to see you all March 2!


Let’s talk music! I’m on Twitter @nikkiroeill


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