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6 Tips to Door-Holding Etiquette

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Towson chapter.


Our parents teach us different rules to being polite at a young age. From saying “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am” to saying “hello” when you enter into a room, these socially constructed rules are implanted within us and expected to follow with us as we grow. But in a college environment, we learn to live on our own, in a real world setting and make real world decisions.

As a society, we should all be on the same page when it comes to proper etiquette. One of the biggest problems I’ve noticed on campus when it comes to etiquette is holding doors. Now some people may say “oh this is no big deal” but indeed it is. With recent issue of disrespect and diversity on campus we should all try to be friendly and respectful in passing to help our campus feel like a more welcoming place. Here are 6 Tips to Door-Holding Etiquette:

Tip 1: Hold the door open for people directly behind you. If the person is close enough to catch the door hold it, if not keep walking. ALWAYS be sure to check first though!

Tip 2: Don’t make someone run for the door. If they are that far back there is no need in waiting unless they are living with a disability. If they do have a disability use your discreation when helping.

Tip 3: Say “Thank You!” This may seem self explanatory but it is too often that people do not say thank you. Most buildings on campus have two sets of doors so it is not neccessary to say thank you to the same person after each door you walked through but at least aknowledge their kindness.

Tip 4: Say “You’re Welcome” if you are the one holding the door. Once again, this is out of respect and courtesy. Why say thank you to someone who is quiet and possibly ignoring you?

Tip 5: Smile! Your smile could change someone’s day. Let them know they are appreciated for their kindess.

Tip 6: Pass it forward. Even if someone doesn’t hold the door for you, hold the door for the next person because you never know who you may influence.