5 Tips To Avoid the Flu

It's flu season (get excited). Morale is low and I can't help feeling like I'm the next victim. However, I did find some helpful tips on how to avoid this impending doom, and I thought I would share them with you, in hopes that we survive the flupocalypse together.

1. Get a flu shot: Shots prevent strains of the flu, and hopefully can prevent you from getting sick. Check your local CVS to get more information about what flu shot service they provide.

2. Wash your hands: This is so important! You should wash your hands frequently anyway, but make sure to really be a stickler about this. Perhaps bring around a small hand sanitizer, just for precautionary measures. You can never be too careful, can you?

3.Vitamin C: Buy Vitamin C pills from your local drugstore, or eat an orange. A boost of vitamin C will keep your immune system kicking. Remember to eat your greens too :)

4. Avoid contact: Ok, so if you're a social person like me, this may be hard. But try to avoid contact with sick people at all costs.

5. Cold-eez: I swear by this stuff. If you feel something coming on, whether it is a cold or the flu, take these. They can be found at your local drugstore and they save my life. They shorten your cold or knock it out completely. Magic in a little dissolvable pill. (Disclaimer: They don't taste good, but they work)

I hope these tips helped and gave you some inspiration to fight the flu.

Stay healthy, my friends.