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5 Hair Styles in Less than 5


The Peppy Pony– Add a cute scarf to jazz up a normal pony tail

Loose Braid– This is so easy it can even be done without a mirror or on the bus!

Twisted Half-Up- This is a super easy stlye for next-day hair

The Wrap-Around French Braid- This style looks cute from both sides because it starts from one side and transitions to the other.


The Braided Ballerina- This style is simply a french braid done with your hair flipped over your head and a top knot.


My name is Christine Long. I am a senior at Towson University studying to become an art teacher. I am currently the Arts Director and Secretary for Her Campus Towson. This will be my third year working on the HC team and I am excited to continue working for the group!
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