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Floral Dresses
Floral Dresses
Original photo by Maddison Hoyt
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You Can Never Overdo Floral: My Spring Dress Rotation

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When it comes to fashion seasons, spring is by far my favourite to dress for. You could say that maybe I own a few too many floral dresses (though I’d disagree). Instead, I like to tell myself that if you know what you like, you can never have too many.

Floral Dresses
Original photo by Maddison Hoyt

In the photo above is a current collection of my favourite floral dresses I’ll be wearing this spring, plus some that are lurking on my wishlist!

Dresses I Own

Lavender Vintage Gunne Sax Dress

This authentic vintage dress is one of my most recent and proudest thrift store finds. Gunne Sax is one of my all-time favourite ‘70s brands, and I am always on the lookout for their discontinued dresses secondhand.

With its soft lavender floral print and lace detailing, this prairie-inspired maxi dress is perfect and just in time for spring.

Floral Puff Sleeve Maxi Dress

This next dress is a staple in my wardrobe year-round, but its light colours and dainty floral print make it extra special for springtime. I purchased it last spring in a small boutique in my hometown and I have unapologetically worn it nearly once every week since then.

You might think that maxi dresses aren’t versatile in your wardrobe, but this dress is honestly one of my most worn pieces out of everything I own.

Vintage ‘70s Wedding Dress

Another one of my prized possessions, this vintage ‘70s wedding dress is the epitome of spring fashion. In my opinion, any of the 19th-century-inspired dresses from that decade are the perfect floral and free-flowing styles for the season.

Some might say that this is way too formal for a picnic or a day trip with the girls, but I am a firm believer in wearing your nice clothes. The special occasion is that you exist!

Floral Ruffle Neckline Maxi Dress (with pockets!)

This last dress is one of my most worn dresses — and for a good reason. Not only is the print and cut absolutely adorable, but it’s also super comfortable and practical. The loose-flowing skirt gives you a free range of motion, and, more importantly, it has pockets!

I’d honestly choose to wear this dress around the house over sweatpants or leggings any day.

Dresses On My Wishlist

Adored Vintage Willow Winds Dress

One of my favourite vintage-inspired companies, Adored Vintage is an American small business that sells classic styles and one-of-a-kind true-vintage pieces. Their Willow Winds Dress has been on my mind recently and would make the perfect addition to my floral dress collection.

On top of having beautiful designs, they’re also relatively affordable for a sustainable brand!

Christy Dawn’s Emma Dress in Lavender

Christy Dawn is the kind of incredible sustainable brand that I sadly admire from afar. Their ethical business practices are about as good as they get in the current fashion industry, but, unfortunately, that comes with a higher price tag.

Maybe someday I’ll splurge on one of their gorgeous gowns, but for now, the Emma Dress will only remain in my open tabs.

If you’re not usually one to dress up just for the sake of it, take this as your sign to try it this spring. Wear your pretty dresses — the occasion is you. 

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