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For many, life is constantly changing. Change is good. Some criticize change, while others believe people can’t change; some are even scared of change. Everyone has the right to be who they want to be, but you shouldn’t criticize or doubt anyone who wants to make positive changes to their lifestyle in order to further themselves.

Change can come from the smallest of things, like wearing a different style of outfit, or more extremely, moving across the world. No matter how big or small, change can often be scary. 

Wearing something out of your comfort zone can be intimidating, as you might be scared someone will judge you because it’s different from your usual style. Still, you shouldn’t let these fears stop you from doing what you want. Who knows, maybe that outfit change will be the confidence boost you needed.  

A lot of people are terrified of change. Neuroscience research shows that the human brain registers uncertainty in the same way as an error. Humans are creatures of habit. However, you can’t let this stop you from dressing, listening to, trying out, or being something different because in the long run your self-happiness is the most important thing. If the people who surround you care about you, they will support the changes you make in your life.

Taste and opinion changes over time. We learn and develop from different experiences every day and of course our points of view are going to develop with us. Particularly, at this post-secondary stage in our lives, we are constantly developing as people with every hurdle, opportunity, and experience that comes our way. Allowing this change is the best way to accept self-growth. 

If you want to bleach your hair blonde, bleach your hair blonde. If you want to shave it all off, shave it all off. If you want to learn how to tap-dance, attend a tap-dancing class. A lot of the things we want to do most in life, scare us, but I guarantee that once you do it you'll feel better about yourself.

Change can come in any form, whether that be religion, music, lifestyle, sexuality, opinion, or friendships. When it arrives, be sure to welcome it with open arms. You may find that you like the person you are becoming way more than you thought you would. Drastic changes, such as a change of spirituality or friendship will be more challenging, but surrounding yourself with a community who support you and truly resonate with you is something that will encourage happiness. 

It’s true that change can be scary, whether that be a first date, interview, internship, move, or conversation. They are all daunting thoughts that give you that deep feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach, but every time, you will come out the other side feeling accomplished and relieved, and usually the results are always positive.  

So allow change in your life, take the leap, and don’t let others hold you back. When it comes to your happiness, the only person’s opinion that you should care about is your own. 

Amie Flett

Toronto MU '21

Scottish 3rd year Journalism student studying at Ryerson University.
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