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Top 10 Fashion Trends From 2009 That Should Stay in 2009

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

By Rebecca Benitez

The new year is here, and the internet has graced us with yet another viral hashtag known as the #10yearchallenge. The responses have been a chaotic mixture of nostalgia, joy, laughter, and cringe from the constant reminders of how ugly we were 10 years ago.

2009 was a year of historical events ranging from the inauguration of Barack Obama, Kanye West’s interruption during Taylor Swift’s speech at the VMA Awards, and the tragic death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. But it was also known to be a simpler but embarrassing time of digital camera selfies, DeviantArt, the iconic rivalry between #TeamEdward vs #TeamJacob, and updating our MSN statuses into ‘deep’ life quotes pasted in weird font we found ~*a.e.s.t.h.e.t.i.c*~ all the while praying that our crush saw the notification that we logged in. These reminders are already cringeworthy enough, but after going down further into the dark hole that is our past, I found that our fashion choices at the time were much worse.

In honour of the 10 year challenge, I’d like to provide a flashback to the past and share 10 embarrassing fashion choices that we should never, ever come back. 

1. 3D IMAX glasses… without the lenses

For some reason,by popping out the lenses from these huge plastic glasses it created a look that we thought was cute and geeky, or “adorkable” — more so than wearing the actual prescription glasses.



2. Graphic tees

A typical daily school lewk was not completed without one of these wordy or lame punny shirts. They were too colourful, sometimes neon, and almost always came from Bluenotes, Hot Topic or Abercrombie and Fitch.


3. SillyBandz

Having a good collection of these were just like opening a pack of gum at recess: it automatically made you one of the cool kids. There was nothing particularly amazing about them, but there was a thrill about showing them off and trading amongst the squad.

(Mike Porter/Flickr)


4. Scene fringes

Choppy hair and side bangs with too much hairspray was edgy and cool. You looked extra rebellious if you added chunky highlights or DIY hair dye. One word: yikes. 

5. Velour tracksuits

A strange combination of a matching hoodie and low rise pants made to be as soft as velvet, sometimes with Juicy or another kind of rhinestone print placed at the butt of the pants (of all places). But despite being a tracksuit, it was rarely ever worn for a full workout. At least they were comfy.

(Shape Magazine)


6. Thin eyebrows

In 2019 where the thicker the better, especially in terms of eyebrows, it’s hard to believe that it was just 10 years ago when everyone’s brows were plucked and arched a bit too much. The look: barely there, or professionally done by Sharpie.

7. Low-rise bell bottoms with bedazzled pockets

These pants had a waist so low it often needed a belt to prevent anything more from showing. Other features were spacious leg room, and gaudy designs on pockets actually made to store things. In comparison to the current trend of high waisted skinny jeans, plain tiny pockets and the occasional ripped holes, these pants could almost be considered criminal. 


8. Chinese mesh slippers

Close toed slippers are meant to be worn indoors, but the mesh slippers broke that standard. Coming in all kinds of bold colours and shiny floral print, you just had to show off these gaudy shoes to the world be it in a dress or bell bottoms — even if the cheap quality caused too much friction, broke, and left with you blisters. 



9. Extremely glossy lips

Blindingly shiny lip gloss was in, and all the celebrities from Hillary Duff to Rihanna wore them. The shimmer was also added onto lipstick and lip balms such as the infamous Smackers that would come in packs so you could share with your besties. But let’s be honest, the coating that resembled a dozen layers of oil was not really a look.


10. Uggs

An essential for fall, winter, and spring, and sometimes even in the summer, these impractical boots (that are not even waterproof or vegan!!) were somehow worn by all the hip young girls. But if you opted for your normal, functional snow boots, you would get major side eye from Chloe and the gang.



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