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One Tree Hill (2003-2012) is a drama series following the lives of two half-brothers who have a passion for basketball, taking place in the town of Tree Hill, North Carolina. The series spans from their high school lives to adulthood and is full of romance, drama, passion and rivalry. Its nine seasons may seem like a lot, but the show’s production gets you hooked. 

Nathan and Haley, two of the main characters, began their love story in season one and followed through all the way to season nine. They are the definition of what it means to be in a strong and loving relationship. 

Out of all the seasons, it’s hard to narrow down the five cutest moments because their whole relationship is full of genuine affection and romance. After rewatching the show at least six times, I have finally been able to come up with my top five Naley moments.

Season one, Episode eight: “The Search for Something More”

Nathan and Haley started their relationship right from the series’ start, but there was a lot of drama behind it. Haley’s best friend and Nathan’s half-brother Lucas disapproved of their relationship. He believed Nathan was a bad guy and thought Haley deserved better.

Haley, who was also a tutor, began tutoring Nathan and realized he was not as bad as Lucas thought. As their connection kept on growing, she found herself falling for Nathan and vice-versa. 

However, Nathan was the definition of a high school jock and therefore made many mistakes. After finally going out on their first date, Nathan is embarrassed by Haley when his teammates find them having dinner together.

The next morning, Haley found Nathan throwing rocks at her parent’s window. They got into an argument about how she kept thinking he was a good guy, but he kept letting her down. Nathan apologizes and confesses everything he feels for Haley leading them to have their first kiss. It’s beautiful and magical.

Season three, Episode 13: “The Wind That Blew My Heart Away”

The rain had always been an important part of their relationship for Haley and Nathan. It signified their passionate romance. After the couple went through a rough patch because Haley left Nathan to go on tour for music, they were separated for some time. 

When they finally reconcile, Nathan, who Haley believed wasn’t proud of her, goes out in the middle of a storm to his car and pulls out a box. The box holds numerous newspaper clippings showcasing her touring success. Despite their drift, Nathan wanted to show how proud he was and how he never stopped believing in her. Haley immediately grabbed Nathan and kissed him under the rain in the storm. The rain is a special part of their relationship, and every kiss they’ve had in the rain becomes more meaningful.

Season four, Episode nine: “Some You Give Away”

Although they got married when they were 16 years old, Nathan and Haley were forever. When they first found out about Haley’s pregnancy, Nathan was not too happy about it. His life had always revolved around basketball, and he did not expect to have a baby so soon. After realizing his selfishness, he apologizes to Haley and realizes how much of a blessing it’ll be to have a baby and spend the rest of their lives together.

Weeks later, Haley found out the sex of the baby at an emergency doctor’s appointment. Meanwhile, Nathan is playing in his basketball state championship game when she tells him during halftime they are having a baby boy. The joy in both of their eyes is heartwarming. 

Haley assures Nathan that as long as he’s a good husband and father, nothing else matters. They both celebrate this announcement, and Nathan ends up winning the state championship game.

Season seven, Episode 12: “Some Roads Lead Nowhere”

Basketball was a very big part of this series. Lucas and Nathan were both madly passionate about this sport, and it was their dream to be great at it. Lucas later found a passion for writing and followed that instead, but Nathan always had an eye for the game. 

The NBA had always been his dream, and he finally got in after years of time and dedication. He goes to visit a stadium and shares the news with Haley upon returning home. Haley starts crying and could not be more proud of her husband. They celebrate his journey and reminisce about all of his accomplishments.

Season nine, Episode 11: “Danny Boy”

In the show’s last season, Nathan is kidnapped by some men from his past who have been working on getting revenge on him. For most of the season, he was missing, which caused fear and anxiety for Haley and the rest of the characters. Finally, after multiple investigations and following through on hints, they managed to find Nathan.

After weeks of disappearance, Nathan and Haley finally reunite, and every time I watch the scene, it gives me chills. The thought of having your husband missing is unimaginable, and Haley was so strong in the way she handled it, especially since they had two children at that time. Their re-encounter is beautiful, and their happiness and emotions can be felt from the screen.

One Tree Hill showed the ups and downs of life, and each character brought their own unique meaning to the series. Nathan and Haley definitely showed the strength and resilience of relationships and how true love might actually exist, after all.

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