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The Most Underrated Song on Each Taylor Swift Album

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Taylor Swift is underrated. 

Yes, I know, she is a Grammy-award-winning artist. Yes, I know, she is one of the biggest songwriters of our time. Yes, I know, she is THE music industry. 

But I still believe that most of her music doesn’t get as much recognition as it deserves. Known for anthems such as Shake It Off and You Belong With Me, there’s so much more to her discography than a handful of singles. 

So here’s the most underrated song (and a few notable mentions) on each Taylor Swift album – my version. 

Debut: Cold As You

The entire debut album is underrated – period. At only 16 years old, Taylor Swift released a country album that I still sing along to today. Cold As You is my personal favourite because of the beautiful lyricism she uses to describe a one-sided relationship.  

Notable mentions: Mary’s Song, Should’ve Said No

Fearless: The Other Side of the Door (Taylor’s Version)

Warning – the last verse of this song is pure lyrical perfection, and you won’t be able to stop screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs. At least that’s what happened to me. And yes, Taylor’s version is the better version.

Notable mentions: You’re Not Sorry (Taylor’s Version), That’s When (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)

Speak Now: Long Live

Enchanted is my all-time favourite from this album, but after it blew up on TikTok recently, I believe Long Live now holds the top spot for the most underrated track. As a thank you note to her fans, the imagery of the lyrics makes me believe I’m physically in a stadium arena with confetti falling to the ground in slow motion every time I turn it on – even if I could never afford Taylor Swift concert tickets. 

Notable mentions: Sparks Fly, Haunted

Red: Better Man (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)

Originally left off the Red album, Better Man was released as a track from the country band, Little Big Town. I still loved this song back then, but after hearing Taylor’s version on the re-recorded version of Red, it hasn’t left my Spotify On Repeat playlist ever since. And it’s been over three months. 

Notable mentions: Treacherous (Taylor’s Version), The Last Time (Taylor’s Version), Holy Ground (Taylor’s Version), The Moment I Knew (Taylor’s Version) 

1989: Clean

I like to think of Clean as the perfect pop song. The catchy melody is paired with beautiful lyrics that pretty much anyone can relate to in some way. While 1989 consisted of some of her most popular singles, such as Shake It Off, Blank Space, and Style, I believe this track would’ve done just as well, if not better. And it’s track 13 on the album – what more can you ask?

Notable mentions: This Love, New Romantics, Wonderland

reputation: Dancing With Our Hands Tied

Hear me out – this track (and the entire reputation album) played through noise-cancelling headphones. That’s all I have to say. 

Notable mentions: Don’t Blame Me, Call It What You Want

Lover: Daylight

“I once believed love would be burning red, but it’s golden.”

This one line has me in awe each time. As the last track on her album Lover, it truly sums up the entire theme of the record – her personal journey in looking for love. I literally can’t stop smiling every time this song comes on.

Notable mentions: Afterglow, Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

folklore: my tears ricochet

Hands down, my tears ricochet is Taylor Swift’s best piece lyrically. As an emotional story about her relationship with Scott Borchetta, she somehow creates an anthem for anyone who has experienced the loss of a trusted friend. 

Notable mentions: this is me trying, the lakes

evermore: right where you left me

Right where you left me was my most played Taylor Swift song last year as I just couldn’t get over the combination of her storytelling ability paired with the catchiness of the chorus. It’s a running joke with Swifties that evermore is extremely overlooked, especially by Taylor Swift herself – and the fact that this song is only on the deluxe version of the album just proves how underrated it really is. 

Notable mentions: coney island, ivy

So if you haven’t given these masterpieces a listen, what are you waiting for?

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