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The It Girls: 4 Female Fashion Icons to Look Out For 

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With an ever-evolving fashion industry and new micro-trends emerging almost every day, it’s hard to keep a uniform style that adheres to the confines of a certain aesthetic. 

Especially with the spring and summer seasons coming up — the time to form your perfect capsule wardrobe — it can be a little tricky wanting to lean into more “blokecore” and “Copenhagen” style-inspired looks but then simultaneously be completely entranced by ’70s hippie style or ballet core. 

Despite these overwhelming feelings, there is a way around it! My personal hack is having a couple of core fashion “it-girls” that I’m truly inspired by and that I feel align with my personal style as it is.

It makes it much easier to put together outfits, whether it be for a night out or a five-day vacation; having fit pictures to draw inspiration from allows you to understand what you already have, what pieces are similar to an outfit you liked, and which pieces you may benefit from purchasing. 

I find this also helps with limiting my overspending habits. For example, if I already have three white tank tops that I rotate between, I can make outfits based on the girls I’m inspired by, and there’s no need to add more. 

My personal style ranges from a variety of different influences, and I wouldn’t necessarily put it in a box. The women I look to for inspiration sometimes have polar opposite styles from one another, but in my opinion, that’s what makes it special. 

In my outfits, you can see inflections from two or three different girls I drew inspiration from. I never force myself to like something just because a fashion girl is wearing it, and I also never force myself to like someone’s style because it’s trendy. 

All the women I draw inspiration from are people I genuinely love to follow and keep up with, whether their presence is simply fashion-driven or if they have an internet presence. 

These are my absolute top four fashion girls I believe have revolutionized the way I put together my outfits on a daily basis. 

Maina Suarez: @mainasuarezz

My absolute favourite fashion it-girl and the style I most aspire to emulate is none other than Maina Suarez, a streetwear and high fashion influencer from Paris, France. 

Having had an online presence for a while now, I first discovered Suarez two summers ago while going through a wardrobe makeover, and I was instantly in love with her effortless outfits.

Her style is the ultimate definition of “cool girl,” wearing only the most unique and niche pieces known only to high fashion lovers alike while simultaneously wearing basics from brands we all know and love. 

In my personal opinion, every outfit of hers is always amazing, such as her Paris Fashion Week outfits, which I took inspiration from for my spring wardrobe. Or even her more casual, laid-back outfits, sometimes visiting Spain and Portugal, which I found useful in planning my summer vacation outfits. 

What I particularly love about Suarez is how she stays true to herself with her outfits by trying new things as well as taking the most ordinary accessories and making them essential centrepieces of any outfit.

First gaining popularity on TikTok and now being one of the most influential fashion influencers in Paris, having been invited to only the most prestigious fashion week shows and shooting campaigns for multiple unique brands, Suarez is the it-girl to follow this summer, with a variety of outfits to draw inspiration from.

Ruby Lyn: @rubylyn

The ultimate definition of city girl style, reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic looks from Sex and the City, Ruby Lyn is the fashion it-girl for streetwear and model-off-duty vibes. 

Originally from Toronto and now based in New York City, Lyn’s style screams model off duty, often seen in her signature looks strolling around Manhattan and working with multiple high fashion brands that one could only dream of one-day owning pieces from. 

In addition to her street style, her brand trips are also key indicators of where I’ll find good outfit inspiration. Unlike other influencers who go on brand trips and choose the most basic and dull pieces from the brand to wear, Lyn chooses pieces that are unique and haven’t been done before. 

More importantly, she pairs them together in a way that revolutionizes the trend or style she’s trying to emulate, with her outfits often ending— up on Pinterest. 

For example, when the blokecore trend was at an all-time high — a high fashion style that incorporates sportswear such as jerseys and boxing shoes into their looks — I often found myself looking toward Lyn’s “blokette” outfits for inspiration. 

The way she pairs the pieces together is what makes her style and presence such a statement and why so many girls look to her for inspiration.

If you want the city girl style with hints of airy, beachy pieces for spring and summer, Ruby Lyn is definitely your girl. 

Tara Yummy: @tarayummyy

TikTok’s newest it-girl and one of my favourite vloggers for a couple of years now, who everyone is talking about, is Tara Yummy. 

Known more widely for her previous relationship with YouTuber Jake Webber, Yummy rose to prominence through a random TikTok craze — similar to how influencers usually blow up — and was seen in many edits with her ex-boyfriend. 

Not only did her bubbly and cool girl personality capture the attention of hot girls everywhere, but her personal style, reminiscent of 2000s grunge, gave her all the more appeal.

Yummy is essentially one of the coolest girls with the coolest personality, so it’s only right that she has a style that goes with it. 

Often wearing studded belts and wrist cuffs, tiny tank tops, big pants, adorning only silver jewelry such as Vivienne Westwood necklaces and an eyebrow piercing, having the most simple yet iconic makeup routine, coupled with her outgoing and warm personality makes her all the more for the girls! 

Not to mention, she is of Persian descent, and while I share a South Asian heritage with her, she’s even more important in the sense that Brown girls are finally getting the representation in the influencer and celebrity space that hasn’t been there for so long.

Her unique style is reminiscent of the cool girl vibes I wanted to have so badly back in high school. However, I always find ways to incorporate those old parts of my life back into my current style, and Tara Yummy especially provides me with that connection.  

Paige Lorenze: @paigelorenze

If you’re looking for old money style as well as cottage core, look no further than model Paige Lorenze’s style.

Having spent some time in New York City and Los Angeles and now residing in Connecticut, Lorenze’s style is definitely one that has evolved throughout her online presence. 

Gone are the days of being drunk and hungover in New York City, and in are the days of rest and relaxation at her lovely, coastal Connecticut home.

However, looking back at all the eras of her previous life and settling into her new one, Lorenze gets her inspiration from her hometown’s idyllic scenery and preppy culture, which she incorporates into her wardrobe itself. 

Being the creator of Dairy Boy, a fashion brand that she launched in 2021, the brand’s signature pieces incorporate parts of her own style, so it really feels like you’re wearing something that she actually wears too. 

The most iconic items are perhaps the Dairy Boy trucker hats in a variety of colours, camo sweatsuits galore, and her signature, vintage-inspired jeans. 

Not to mention, her relationship with pro tennis player Tommy Paul has allowed her to lean into a tenniscore style as well, which can be seen through her multiple appearances cheering him on in a match. 

At events like Wimbledon or the Australian Open, Lorenze can be seen sporting preppy looks from Miu Miu and Prada, all while maintaining an effortlessly chic look. 

Final Thoughts

In a world where fashion trends constantly change, developing a consistent personal style can be difficult. However, it’s much easier to navigate the sea of trends if you choose your own “it-girls” in fashion who share your personal style. 

Whether you’re inspired by the carefree Parisian cool of Maina Suarez, the urban chic of Ruby Lyn, the nostalgic grunge of Tara Yummy, or the charming mix of old-money elegance and cottagecore charm of Paige Lorenze, these influencers provide a wide variety of looks to help you make decisions about what to wear. 

Therefore, accept the flexibility to combine different styles while adhering to your own style and creating a wardrobe that captures your essence and interests.

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