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Good Cop, Bat Cop

If you are about to see The Batman, throw away all your expectations because this movie will exceed them. Truthfully, I did not go inside the theatre with very high expectations because, in the past, DC movies have disappointed me just a little bit. As the movie begins, there is an eerie feeling as the viewer is transported to Gotham City right off the bat. I thought this to be a bit different from the rest of the movies because, in this, Bruce Wayne is a crime-fighting bat and a crime-solving bat. This feels more of a detective movie and seems a bit more realistic, in comparison to other movies where he was showcased as a god, more than a man. Wayne goes after the Riddler in the three-hour film. 

In my opinion, the first hour of the movie perfectly matches the graphic novels. It is often rare that you feel like you are transferred into a comic, but with this movie, you do. You will realize the contrast between Batman and Bruce Wayne in the film. Robert Pattinson was able to deliver so much without lots of dialogue. His acting helped me understand how different Batman is from Bruce Wayne. Moreover, he perfectly nailed the voice and looked terrific in the suit! We also see a completely different Bruce, he is more anti-social, but when he transforms into the Bat, he is “vengeance.” The character itself gives a very dark vibe which I did not get from any past Batman movies.

For instance, my favourite quote in the entire film is, “Thinking that I hide in the shadows, but I am the shadow.” It fits the character perfectly. While I cannot deny that this side of the character was very “emo,” I am all in for emo-bat.

Zoë Kravitz steals the spotlight by being the most accurate comic character. She checks all the boxes: Strong yet vulnerable, going from thief to hero. Her acting fits Pattinson’s like the perfect puzzle piece. There is so much tension, heat, care and longing that makes you all squishy in your seat.

I think this tweet gets my point across accurately:

Apart from the fantastic acting, so many character-specific moments added the perfect spec of comedy. For instance, Bruce Wayne was blinded by the sun, so much that he wore sunglasses in the mansion. Catwoman has similar moments. She adopts every cat in Gotham City and even drinks plain milk. These small details allow you to associate the character with the actual animal.

Every DC movie is a little dark-themed with low lighting, darker scenes and more. This movie is not too different, but the cinematography is gorgeous.  The dark atmosphere brings this movie together.

The Batmobile and the Bat Bike make an experience that brings goosebumps. The high-speed chase with the Batmobile is the perfect addition to the vast action scenes. 

I especially like the end of the movie where the viewers see some kind of alliance forming between the Riddler and the Joker. I cannot wait to see a partnership between them and how upcoming movies will be produced. 

Like every good film, there are some things that I did not like. I thought this movie to be too long and some scenes to be stretched out. But, in the past few months, I have observed that there are more movies that have longer screen time. Apart from that, the acting, cinematography, plot, characters and cliffhanger are exceptional.

Ishitaa Chopra is an author, writer, poet and model. She is a mental-health activist and enjoys computer programming. She is also a self-proclaimed Marvel enthusiast. She spends most of her time binging TV shows.