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Scary light up clown halloween display
Scary light up clown halloween display
Original photo by Gabriela Aguilera
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‘Pumpkins After Dark’: The Drive-thru Experience I Needed This Halloween

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Paying for tickets to sit in your car and drive past a bunch of carved pumpkins may seem dull and uneventful to some, but the right company and music can make it a fun experience.

Pumpkins After Dark, a 2.5 km drive-thru, includes different pumpkin-carved themes that will leave you wondering how people manage to cut such straight lines.

Three day of the dead themed carved pumpkins
Original photo by Gabriela Aguilera

Now, you may be wondering: why would you possibly pay $39 (and more – depending on the number of people in a vehicle) to sit and look at pumpkins? 

This time, last year, Ontario was in Stage 2 with several restrictions limiting possible Halloween activities. There wasn’t much to do––and a drive-thru seemed to be the most COVID-friendly Halloween activity possible. I was skeptical about the event, but given my need to get out of the house, I gave in.

My boyfriend and I went to the drive-thru attraction for the first time last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a radio station you could tune into during the drive that played all the Halloween hits that made me reminisce back to my elementary school dances. I can admit that the car speakers barely made it out alive.

I couldn’t wait to go back next year and make this an annual event. 

Although my expectations were high, I did not expect to be that wooed – they are pumpkins, after all. The website flaunted that they added around 70% new content to the event, and that did not disappoint.

The drive, being substantially much longer than what I remembered from the previous year, had different themes, including Greek mythology, video games, movies and much more. 

Pumpkin carving of famous painting, The Scream
Original photo by Gabriela Aguilera

A substantial amount of the pumpkin displays were on the driver’s side which was frustrating, but I still found myself fascinated to see more. The only downside, in my opinion, was the tunes. I’m a sucker for the classic “Monster Mash”, but the radio station was only playing eerie sounds and not the classics I anticipated. But thankfully, the aux cord saved the day.

I can understand why there were so many cars lined up but I was still baffled by the amount – they are just pumpkins. 

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for something exciting to do during this Halloween season, I would recommend going to Pumpkins After Dark. Just don’t forget an aux cord, and make sure you’re comfortable enough to be right up against the person on the driver’s side!

Gabriela Aguilera

Toronto MU '22

Gabriela is a fourth-year Journalism student at Ryerson University hoping to explore her love of fashion and beauty through her writing. When she isn't writing, she's either reading a new book she'll be obsessed with until it's finished, finding new music to listen to, or re-watching her favourite shows.