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A Letter To Santa If I Could Wish For Anything This Christmas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

Throughout my childhood, I have written a lot of letters to Santa with long lists of things that I wanted. I would hand my letters to parents who reassured me they would mail them to the North Pole. Embarrassingly enough, I was twelve years old when I sealed and handed my last letter to Santa, the next day at school one of my classmates crushed my heart by revealing his fictional existence. 

As children, we are very motivated and driven by material gifts. Whether Santa existed or not, the knowledge that I will have a Polly Pocket set or a bike wrapped and waiting for me on Christmas day was enough to motivate me to be on my best behaviour for the entire year. However, now that I am twenty years old material gifts don’t fill that void as much as they used to, my strongest desires and wishes can’t be built and packaged by an army of elves. 

Therefore if there were no age restrictions or limits to what Santa can give (and if he was real), my letter to him would go something like this:

Dear Santa, 

Every single day feels super mundane, I wake up every morning and I just have trouble getting out of bed and even brushing my teeth. Most of this year has been spent at home, quarantine and waiting for the days to pass. My wish is to attain a stronger sense of joy and positivity with the present moment, don’t feel overwhelmed with anxiety and feelings of insecurity, toxic shame and excessive worry. I basically want to embody the carefree mindset I had as a child. 

Beyond my own desires, I hope that by the end of this year the rest of the world not only recovers from the damage of the pandemic but thrives. Including small businesses, families that have lost loved ones and were unemployed. 

I recognize that your specialty is gifting children with things that can be packaged and thrown down a chimney, however, I’m sure you have some magic that gets those reindeers flying and it would be great if you could use some of that and give us a miracle. 

But if this is too big of a request, I guess a lush bath bomb would be great! I don’t have a chimney at my house but feel free to leave it on the front porch :) 



Asritha Swaminadhan is a student at Ryerson University in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada! Studying media production with a minor in English and marketing, she has a passion for journalistic writing, art, fitness, and going to the cinema every week. Her favourite film of all time is Ladybird!
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