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Is It Worth The Hype? Review of the IPhone X

If you can get over the absence of the home button, one size model, and that it doesn’t come in rose gold, the phone is pretty darn cool.

The iPhone X is the most expensive flagship phone around. With tax, the standard 64g model costs $1490.47 in Canada. And if you’re a minimum wage working student, that equals of over 132 hours of flipping burgers, serving coffee, and selling clothes at your beloved part-time job.


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However, if battery life is important to keep you entertained for your long days on campus, this phone is does have the longest battery life of any iPhone, and can charge to 50 per cent in 30 minutes, and 70 per cent in an hour. And the new wireless charging option makes it easier for users to charge all their devices at the same time.

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The costs don’t stop at purchasing the phone. Despite Apple’s claims of the iPhone X having “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone”, after a series of 6 ft. drop tests, experts concluded it is the “most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair iPhone ever”. So if you do plan on purchasing the phone, invest in a good phone case.

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The screen of iPhone X is much bigger and brighter than any other iPhone. It features amazing display quality with full HD OLED viewed on a screen of 5.8 inches. A drawback is that many apps are still not up to date with the phone’s new screen, many display screens are in reduced size to be compatible with the iPhone X.

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But with a between display, also comes an amazing camera, and you will definitely up your Instagram game with the new Portrait Lighting feature, that lets you add special effects to the photos you take of people.


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Some critics don’t like the iPhone X as you must relearn a lot of your old phone habits. With the absence of the home button, many tasks require different gestures and buttons to be performed, and at times can feel like you’re not even using an iPhone at all.


Photo Courtesy: Popular Mechanics

The most popular feature on the iPhone X, is the use of Face ID to unlock your phone. Apple replaced their previous use of finger print to identify your phone, and claimed facial recognition still works while wearing make-up, a hat, sunglasses etc.  Consumers have also claimed it is easier to use Apple Pay as it is activated with Face ID, but some dislike the new feature as it requires proper eye contact to activate the sensor and unlock the phone.


Photo Courtesy: The Verge

Many are split between the new feature of Animojis, the live animated emoji’s which you can record to send iMessage. While many people praise Apple for its creativity in finding a new way of communicating, some consider Animojis to be a gimmick and the trend will die out within six months

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The bottom line is that the iPhone X is that it is not a perfect phone, but it might just be the best phone out on the market. Business analysts have projected Apple has set a precedent for retail phones, and that all phone prices will continue to rise to much higher prices, regardless of company. So if you are in the market for a new phone, and want something with a great camera, longer battery life, and are willing to let go some of Apple’s old features, this phone is worthy a try.

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