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The ‘G’ in TMG Should Stand for Genius

No one could’ve ever predicted that two computer engineers from Canada would go on to become one of the most successful YouTube duos of 2020. Cody Ko and Noel Miller met while working as programmers in Los Angeles. It seemed that their partnership was written in the stars as, according to Forbes magazine, the two had followed each other on Vine and ended up coincidentally sitting across from each other in their office. This chance meetup was the beginning of a comedic franchise that would reach audiences across multiple platforms. They call themselves Tiny Meat Gang, or TMG for short.

It all started when Cody decided to have Noel on his channel as a guest to create reaction videos dubbed “THAT’S CRINGE”. The series quickly shot to the top of trending charts and currently has over 13 million views altogether. “THAT’S CRINGE” includes a large range of videos that are described as “cringey” by not only Cody and Noel, but also by their viewers. In record time, their one-liners became the beacon of all memes and even found their way into the vocabulary of many young adults. It was here that Cody and Noel realized their comedic power and embraced it as their brand. 

As part of their comedic skits, the two made parody songs that contained hilarious lyrics and satirical characters. Their first song to hit mainstream charts was “Walk-Man”, released in 2019. What followed was an abundance of musical creations that surprised audiences and drew in even more followers. “No Flex”, “Short Kings Anthem”, and their latest release “Sofia”, climbed the musical charts and placed the duo as the founding fathers of a new genre of music: comedy rap. Their song “Broke Bitch” went so far as to be featured on the famous Youtube channel, Genius, where many top musicians are filmed sharing the meaning behind their lyrics and artistic choices of their leading songs. What started as a joke turned into one of the most important elements of TMG’s popularity.

Not only does the duo have a Youtube channel and musical platform, but followers can take the Tiny Meat Gang anywhere as long as they listen to their podcast of the same name. The two brought the podcast to life in 2017 and are in the process of releasing their 164th episode. Cody and Noel cover all kinds of topics, such as funny online memes, entertaining stories, celebrities, their comedic takes on political events, and they cap it off with reactions to internet clips. The duo has done an excellent job of translating their humorous ideas through the headphones of their listeners. Cody and Noel’s podcast has been so well received that in 2019 they went on tour across the United States and parts of Canada. Sold out nights, comic merchandise, and great shows from the Tiny Meat Gang only further contributed to the duo’s success. 

Now, what exactly has made these two so successful? It isn’t just about making funny reaction videos or their quick wit. The real element of their triumph is their ability to hone their skills and express themselves creatively through their trademark: comedy. Cody and Noel have been able to produce a brand that is accessible across every platform (music, podcasting, and video) while staying consistent to the thing that made them so popular from the beginning. The genius behind TMG is that they are constantly-evolving content creators who strive when attempting to realize new ideas. The two started on Vine, moved to Youtube, and expanded to so much more without a dull moment in sight. It’s safe to say that comedy can get you a long way and Tiny Meat Gang is the proof.

I'm Sam and I'm a Media Production student minoring in Global Politics at RU! You can usually catch me thrifting, running or buying too many books. I love to over analyze films and write about them.
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