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Fictional Characters I’d Love to be BFFs With

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

As someone who’s constantly indulging in TV shows, movies, books, and video games, it’s hard not to fall in love with fictional characters. After sticking with them for 15 seasons or 500 pages, I can’t help but become attached to my favourite ones, not to mention imagine what it’d be like if I was transported to their world and got to hang out with them. How cool would that be? Haven’t we all thought about chilling at Central Perk with the Friends gang or saving New York (yet again) with the Avengers? Being friends with fictional characters and being a part of their adventures seems like tons of fun, the kind you can’t have in the real world.

Here are some fictional characters I’d love to be BFFs with:

1. The Winchesters (Supernatural)

“Saving people, hunting things. The family business.” Let me in on this family business, please and thank you. Sam and Dean Winchester are the best monster hunters around and I’d be more than happy to join them on their adventures. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to hunt vampires, werewolves and every other monster imaginable?

Driving around in the Impala—Dean’s beloved car—through the country seems like a blast (aside from the limited food options). Don’t worry, Sam, you can stay shotgun; I’m good with sitting in the backseat, especially since Dean would be playing great music that’s just my taste (turn up the volume!).

Even when we’re not out driving, chilling out at the bunker where Sam and Dean live can be pretty relaxing and fun. When we’re not doing research on monsters (what kills a shapeshifter, again?), Sam and I can read and discuss our favourite books together, and Dean and I can binge-watch horror movies all night long. Plus, I own a good amount of flannels, so I think I’d fit right in.

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2. Peter Parker

When talking about loveable characters, Peter Parker is usually one of the first ones to come to mind; and rightfully so. Everyone loves a cute nerd, especially one who also happens to be the best superhero of all time. Back when I was taking chemistry in high school, he would’ve been a good friend to have (what on earth is Avogadro’s number and why do I need to know it?). After class, we’d hang out, maybe walk around the city taking photos, maybe build Lego models while watching dorky movies. Who doesn’t love a chill friendship?

Be it on the streets of Queens or at the Daily Bugle, you can always rely on Peter Parker to be there when you need him. (Unless you’re Gwen Stacy…)

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3. Merlin (Merlin)

Merlin is the most loyal friend anyone could ever have. You can never shake him (not that you’d want to), and he’d never leave your side, especially not during difficult times. Even better, he has magic, which makes him super cool, even if he’s so nonchalant about it—next time I don’t want to clean my room, I can ask him to read an incantation, and bam! No more mess.

The two of us would certainly wreak havoc around the Pendragon castle together, playing harmless pranks on the knights and rolling our eyes at Arthur whenever he flaunts his arrogance. And whenever I need a friend, I’ll know just who to turn to. When in doubt, call Merlin, and he’ll be by your side in seconds.

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4. The Crows (Six of Crows / Shadow and Bone)

Hook me up with the Crows from either Leigh Bardugo’s novels or the Netflix show, and I’ll be happy. There’ll never be a boring moment with this team of morally-gray criminals. And being one of the best thieves in all of Ketterdam? Yes, please.

Being obsessed with fantasy novels, I’ve always been drawn to the idea of having wild, risky adventures, and hanging out with Kaz Brekker and his team is the absolute best way to do it. Getting into trouble is what they’re best at, and even if it’s messy, they always find a way out of it.

Being friends with each character would bring me different joys: joking around with Jesper, Inej teaching me how to use her knives, reading with Wylan, and eating waffles with Nina, not to mention all the hilarious banter within the group (“Scheming face?” “Definitely.”). With the Crows, I’ll never have to worry about being bored again. (Though I may need to keep an extra eye on my wallet…)

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Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to return to my favourite shows and novels and continue daydreaming as opposed to working on the pile of assignments steadily increasing next to me—because that’s exactly what fiction is all about.

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Sariya Adnan

Toronto MU '24

Sariya Adnan is currently an English student at TMU. She's been writing her whole life and hopes to use words to create a positive impact on others and the world around her.