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Female Artists Who Make Me Feel Confident and Sexy

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If you asked me three years ago, “Bana, how are you so confident?” I would have looked at you like you had three heads. Being confident and sexy in my skin was never something that came naturally to me. The constant fear of not fitting into society’s standards was embedded into my brain; the media always highlighted women who didn’t look like or represent me one bit, and it was hard for me to truly express myself.

Megan Thee Stallion is one of the many female artists I have to thank for inspiring me to bring out my confident and sexy side–– the one I hid as a result of feeling like I wasn’t “allowed” to. Megan only recently started to get the recognition she deserved even though I’ve been listening to her since 2017. Whenever I hear Megan Thee Stallion, I can’t explain this energy I get; I go from zero to one hundred. Her lyrics are sexually charged and her confidence knows no barriers. She has the kind of unapologetic attitude we need more of and is not afraid to confidentially talk about anything sexual.

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Doja Cat may have gone viral because of her song “Mooo!“, but she continues to prove that you can be goofy and sexual at the same time. Not everything about being sexy and confident is about sex or showing off your body; it’s about being yourself.

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Rihanna is the true definition of a boss. She has dominated the music scene countless times and now runs an empire in both the fashion and makeup industries. Rihanna opened up my eyes to the idea that you don’t have to limit yourself to one thing. This really spoke to me as an aspiring journalist who also wants her own line of products and a talk show. Rihanna helped me realize that you don’t have to stay in your lane; you can expand your horizons and build yourself up.

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Now, if you were to ask me, “Bana, how are you so confident?” I would say with conviction that it’s because of the women who made me realize what confidence and sexiness looks like.

Bana Yirgalem

Toronto MU '24

Bana Yirgalem is currently studying towards a major in journalism as well as a minor in PR. She's obsessed with everything basketball, pop culture, music, entertainment, and fashion. Her main goal is to inspire young Black girls and give them the opportunity to see more representation of themselves in the media. Follow her on IG and X @banayirgalem for more content