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Everyone is talking about it right now, but what exactly is Formula 1? Let me break it down for you girlies! 

Formula One (F1) Racing — it’s more than cute guys behind the wheels of luxury cars; it’s one of the greatest sports in history. The sport is full of drama, adrenaline, strategy, and athleticism. Here’s a recap of a recent race so you can prepare to impress at your next dinner party. 

During the race on March 24, the Melbourne Grand Prix (GP) on the Albert Park track, a lot happened. Max Verstappen did not finish (DNF), George Russell had a terrifying crash, Lando Norris got his first podium for 2024, Ferrari won a 1-2, and our Smooth Operator, Carlos Sainz, won! 

Driving for Red Bull, Max Verstappen is a three-time world champion and had a 43-race finishing streak before the Melbourne GP, where he did not finish.

In the opening laps of the race, Verstappen’s rear tires caught fire as one of the hydraulic lines in the rear of the car built up too much pressure, causing it to explode! Due to this, Verstappen had to retire and did not finish the race, sadly ending his 43-race finishing streak. 

Moving on to Mercedes driver George Russell, who had a horrifying crash on the last lap of the race. After crashing, Russell ended up in the middle of the track at one of the fastest corners in the entire Albert Park track.

In panic mode, Russell began to call out “red flag” on his radio multiple times, which is code for a serious accident and/or stating that unsafe conditions have occurred and other drivers need to slow down. The red flag wasn’t acknowledged, but George Russell was rescued shortly after by race control and a virtual safety car. 

Now, enough of the scary and upsetting news, let’s talk about Lando Norris. Driving for McLaren, Norris is overall fifth in the 2024 season standings, has fourteen podiums, and achieved his most recent one at the Chinese GP. He achieved his first podium of the 2024 season at the Melbourne GP, and he achieved it with his former teammate, Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz — bromance goals!

Speaking of Ferrari, Scuderia Ferrari won their first 1-2 since the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2022, with Carlos Sainz winning and his teammate, Charles Leclerc, coming in second. By obtaining a 1-2 at the Melbourne GP, Ferrari won their 86th 1-2 in their entire history of racing. 


Carlos Sainz of Ferrari, nicknamed “Smooth Operator” for his iconic renditions of the song and his well-known use of strategy, won the Melbourne GP just 16 days after his appendicitis surgery.

After passing the finish line, Sainz broke out in his customary rendition of “Smooth Operator” as he celebrated with his team on the radio.

Despite missing one out of the three races that have happened so far in the season, Sainz is fourth overall in the 2023 Driver Standings and seems to be advancing further. 

Well, that’s it for the recap of the Melbourne GP. Whether you love drama, cars, or competition, F1 Racing has something for everyone

Ranika Persaud

Toronto MU '25

Writer, 3rd year Biomedical Science student, Grey's Anatomy lover.