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Campus Safety 101 at Toronto MU

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

Downtown Toronto, home to Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), is a busy and lively city. There is something going on in every corner, and you will always see people around.

However, it’s important to stay alert and know what’s going on in your surroundings. TMU prioritizes the safety of all its members with its various programs to maintain a safe environment on campus.

Here are some resources to ensure your safety on campus at TMU, including a 24/7 WalkSafe Program and self-defence classes.

WalkSafe Program

The WalkSafe Program is open to all TMU community members for 24 hours every day. Through this program, when requested, a security guard will walk students to locations on campus, including subways, if they are in the approximate designated area. This can be requested by calling (416) 979-5040 or emailing walksafe@torontomu.ca

“Our security guards are highly-qualified, highly-trained professionals who provide front-line response to issues and concerns in security as well as emergency response on campus,” the university wrote in an emailed response to Her Campus at Toronto MU.

Furthermore, there are emergency stations and blue poles located across campus, which students can use whenever needed. This will give you direct contact with security on campus.

TMU Safe Mobile App

The TMU Safe Mobile App notifies community members of urgent safety and security situations that may take place on campus. Students can also sign up for text messages in case they miss the app’s notifications. The app itself also includes the contact information of security on campus. 

TMU security guards have “implemented processes and systems that support fast coordination and responses to active threats, and are regularly trained on procedures for how to respond to active threats,” wrote the university.

However, in any case you find yourself in an emergency situation on campus, you should immediately contact 911 and know your exact location.

Training and Workshops

TMU’s Community Safety and Security department also offers workshops to interested community members. Some of these classes include self-defence training and de-escalating potentially violent situations. If you are interested in these training sessions, you can call (416) 979-5040 or email security@torontomu.ca.

These workshops are a good way to develop skills to feel more confident if ever faced with potential threats.

Make Sure You Have Your OneCard

TMU buildings are only accessible with your student OneCard. It’s important to have it with you at all times to ensure a smooth entrance to your designated building and classrooms. Security also encourages members to stay aware of not allowing people behind them to walk in as a way to keep campus buildings safe. 

According to the university’s email, TMU’s approach to safety is focused on several units, including crime prevention and community engagement, security and emergency services and risk management.

“Within these teams, isolated incidents are regularly reviewed and tracked to assess trends to determine what measures need to be implemented to increase the safety of our campus,” wrote the university.

Krishika Jethani

Toronto MU '23

Hi! My name is Krishika and I am a student at Toronto Metropolitan University. I am currently in the Creative Industries program studying Fashion and Journalism. I have a passion for writing and dream to someday become a journalist. I enjoy singing and watching Gilmore Girls in my free time! <3