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‘And Just Like That…’: A new season of Fashion!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

Everyone’s favourite Manhattan besties are back for a brand new season of the hit Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That… Releasing at the end of this summer, original cast members Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and, of course, Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) are back filming in the streets of NYC for season 2, and I’m so excited!

Aside from plot teasers, avid fans of the franchise are paying close attention to the And Just Like That… socials to see what SJP and the rest of the cast will be dressed in for season two. Here are some Carrie Bradshaw looks we can expect to spark style trends for the rest of 2023:

Casual Sequin

In addition to the iconic Sequin Fendi Baguette we saw Carrie make a style staple in the original series, we can also look forward to the same amount of glitter in some other accessories. We can see Parker on set wearing a full sparkle fabric jacket with matching SJP collection boots styled with bright purple sweatpants. Carrie has always taught us ways to make our comfy, laid-back clothes into something chic, and this season seems no different.

Cosmos in sweatpants, anyone?

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Florals? For Spring?… Groundbreaking

Even from the original series and And Just Like That… season one, we can see SJP rocking various flower pins and corsages to add a little flare to a simple garment. From her Instagram, it looks like this season will be no different. In early January, she posted boxes full of coloured flower pins for even more accessorizing to happen.

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Statement Outerwear

I always find myself trying to escape the colder months by either burying myself indoors or in bulky jackets that cover the cute outfits I actually want to wear. However, taking note from the queen of clothes, the more, the better — even when on your body! We can see layers, layers, layers in this upcoming season in many different colours, prints and fabrics. Who says bright colours are only for the summer? 

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Crossbody Bags and Hats 

After watching this newest season, I think I will say goodbye to the little shoulder bags and hello to the roomy crossbody. Whether paired with a fedora or beret, we no longer have to cram everything into itty bitty purses — we can rely on spacious strappy handbags to fit more than just lip gloss.

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No matter what age, Carrie will continue to inspire different generations’ styles and keep influencing my buying habits for the seasons to come. With the new season of the reboot on the way, I’m jumping into summertime with Manolo’s on foot and shopping bags in hand. I can’t wait to see what other fabulous outfits the rest of the cast is wearing.

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Isabella Deiulis

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