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To all my fellow commuting students: as we transition into in-person learning next semester, our number one dread is commuting. Not all of us are lucky enough to live on campus or drive, but that’s okay! Here are some tips and tricks to make commuting more manageable and enjoyable. 

TIP #1: The TRansit App will be your new best friend

When I was a first-year at York University back in 2016, I could only check bus schedules by going on the Brampton Transit website and planning out my trip from there. The majority of the time, however, the buses were either super late or just never showed up! I hated waiting for the bus that would show up 30 minutes later than the scheduled time, especially during the winter. Now that new apps for mobile phones are booming, the Transit app has become my new travel buddy. The app will provide you with bus schedules and schedule changes in real-time, meaning no more wasting time waiting for the bus when you could’ve slept in a little longer or finally gotten your hair and outfit together. On another note, you can plan out your trip through this app even if you are using different methods of transportation like Brampton Transit, York Region Transit, Züm or TTC.

TIP #2: The Mindful PRESTO App

I feel like the worst noise ever is the buzzer of the terminal when you realize you have insufficient funds in your Presto card. There would be days where I would run like a relay racer for the bus only to get kicked off because I hadn’t reloaded my card. Now that I have the Presto app, I can not only check my balance, but I can load my funds instead of going onto the website or going to a Presto machine.

TIP #3: Pack your headphones in your bag the night before

Have you ever forgotten your headphones and had no choice but to read the advertisements on the bus? The best way to avoid this, especially on longer commutes, is to pack your headphones the night before. Sure, it’s a small task, but if there is any delay in traffic, you can at least entertain yourself by listening to some music or podcasts, or watching an episode of your favourite show.

TIP #4: Take advantage of your school apps and mobile wallet

While we are still living in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, staying safe and being responsible is critical. For Ryerson students, the RyersonSafe app is made to keep a QR-code for your proof of vaccination. If your school does not have a similar app, Ontarians can download their proof of vaccination into their mobile wallet. In addition, if you have classes that finish well into the evening and have to walk through the city at night, the RyersonSafe app features WalkSafe. WalkSafe allows you to partner with a uniformed security member to escort you across campus. The service is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, so you can walk through campus at ease. 

All in all, these apps and tricks I have acquired over the years have made commuting so much easier and I hope it can shed light and help you for the following years to come.

Kathryn Sevilla

Toronto MU '23

I am a 4th year English major at Ryerson University. As my aspirations grow, I am writing to connect with readers in everyday situations, problems, and feelings. Here to make all audiences feel relevant and heard one article at a time. Content may include and is not limited to social injustices, your daily news, mental health and wellness, and style and beauty.