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Hobbies are a fun way to pass the time, get your creativity flowing and develop talent. Finding a new hobby could even lead to you making your very own product and feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment. Now more than ever before, you can find free, easy-to-follow tutorials on how to learn something new. Most of us are aware of the tried and true hobbies, like cooking, drawing, knitting and playing an instrument. Below, you will find some fun and unique hobbies to try!

1. Miniature Art

This mesmerizing art form has been gaining traction with DIY kits popping up all over the internet. You can make so many variations of things from furniture items to scenes. For example, rooms, apartments, houses, gardens, shops—whatever your heart desires. These are often seen standing alone or made in small tins. Additionally, book nooks have become increasingly popular, creating a small scene the size of a book spine. This little world is often a tiny room or even a miniature library. Some examples and inspiration for book nooks can be seen here. Though creating this art form requires patience and determination, the final product is so rewarding to behold. You can purchase pre-made elements or construct them yourself from start to finish. Kits are perfect for seasoned and beginners alike because they capture everything you need for your convenience and take care of the design aspect. Have fun diving into the world of miniature architecture!

2. By number kits

Numbered activities are always fun because they take the stress away from acquiring all the materials, ensuring you have enough of them and that all elements go well together. With jewel or paint by number kits, you can relax and let the beautiful piece manifest in front of your eyes. You can purchase prints, canvases, and even custom pieces created based on a photo submission. There a beginner kits and ones for more advanced users, and they make a great gift! Check out this painted nature scene and this intricate library jewel kit

3. Collage Art

Collage art is a fun way to express yourself and let your imagination and creativity run free. To do this, you can take the traditional route by cutting and pasting elements from magazines, newspapers and posters to create a unique piece. The traditional method is fun because you can physically and mentally immerse yourself into the work and find unexpected gems in pages you come across. You can also collage digitally by cutting and compiling images on a chosen software like Canva or Photoshop. Using the digital method, you can access a seamlessly endless bank of materials to work with. Set the mood by playing your favourite playlist, lighting a candle, having something nice to drink, and have fun making your next work of art!


Today, animating is fairly simple to start and can manifest in cool visualizations. You can start by making short gifs, and as you get better, you can make your animations longer and more complex. The world is your oyster. There are tons of videos, tutorials and guides to help you get started, like this one

5. Punch Needle

Put simply, needle punching is a form of embroidery where you punch loops of yarn or thread through a cloth. This embroidery method can be used to make coasters, pillows, rugs and even wall hangings. This comprehensive punch needle guide provides a good introduction to what you need and the basics of getting into this hobby. There are many kits you can purchase as well. This form of embroidery is great for both beginners and experienced creatives alike!

Remember, hobbies can simply be something you enjoy doing. You don’t need to be particularly good at them, nor do they need to make you any money. Just relax, and use these outlets to garner some joy in your life.

Sakina Chaudary

Toronto MU '24

Fourth year journalism student based in Toronto.