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5 Feel-Good Podcasts to Get You Through the Semester

With the winter semester being online, classwork coming in with full force and world news becoming increasingly stressful, it can be hard to stay motivated and positive. Many of us are also dealing with Zoom fatigue and the exhaustion that comes from staring at screens on day. Recently, I’ve opted to listen to podcasts instead of watching videos because they’re a great way to consume content without having to continuously sit in front of a computer . Something I love about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere: while you’re on a walk, while you’re driving or even through a speaker while you’re cooking in the kitchen. If you’re looking for something to help you destress and get your mind off of everything going on around you, here are five podcasts that will help you do exactly that: 

If you want to enjoy funny conversations about life, listen to Saleh Family Speaks

Will and Sana Saleh, a Muslim husband and wife duo, started their podcast in October 2020 after growing a large social media followings on Instagram and TikTok. They feature all sorts of discussions, from love to religion to family to culture, and say that “no topic is off the table”. Their laughter is contagious and their relatable conversations make it seem like you’re right there in the studio with them. 

Episode Recommendation: The Honeymooners (#3)

If your faith in humanity needs to be restored, listen to Kind World

If you’ve ever heard someone say: “Kindness makes the world go round”, this podcast is the manifestation of that phrase. The hosts talk about the importance of acts of kindness and how even a single act can make the biggest difference in a person's life. In a world where much of the news is negative and sometimes even scary, Kind World aims to show that there’s still lots of goodness left in humanity and how each one of us can use kindness to pay some of it forward. 

Episode Recommendation: The Power of Love

If you want to hear insightful and wise conversations, listen to On Purpose with Jay Shetty

The author behind the book Think Like a Monk has taken on the podcast scene with the aim to promote wisdom of all kinds. With two episodes a week, host Jay Shetty talks to his audience about all kinds of topics, ranging from mental health to relationships and everything in between, in a way that makes his listeners think on a deeper level.  

Episode Recommendation: #1 Way to Attract Calm, Stillness and Peace in Life & 3 Ways to Keep It

If you need inspiration for personal development, listen to Optimal Living Daily

For anyone looking to improve themselves personally or professionally, this is the podcast for you. Each host has a particularly unique persective on life, proven effective when they share advice on productivity, motivation, and confidence building. They have over 1800 episodes, so there’s definitely no shortage of inspiration to be heard. It’s never too early or too late to start becoming more active in your personal development journey. 

Episode Recommendation: Stop Self-Criticizing, Start Meditating (#1851)

If you want to learn more about mindfulness and peace of mind, listen to Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Dan Harris, a journalist and TV anchor, decided to share his tips for mindfulness and meditation after having a panic attack while reporting on live TV. Now, he aims to inspire his audience through podcast conversations that are all about training the mind and in turn, being happier. He incorporates science into his suggestions and shares how positive personal traits can make a huge difference in people’s lives. 

Episode Recommendation: How to Use Social Media Without Losing Your Mind (#296)

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