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Nature Flowers Spring Pink
Nature Flowers Spring Pink
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3 Things To Look Forward To This Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

As spring is slowly approaching in Toronto, here is a list of some fun activities to explore and get excited for! 

1. Take a stroll through the Cherry Blossoms in High Park 

Every year, Torontonians anticipate the beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom for a limited time, making it a special tradition. The cherry blossoms typically bloom in late April and only last a week or so, making them a short-lived experience. Since living in the city can become quite expensive, this is a great idea for a free outing. Grab your friends, a camera and an iced coffee for a beautiful day out and, most importantly, a great chance for photo ops.

2. Do West Fest

The classic Do West Fest is back this year for a weekend filled with live music, amazing food, drinks and company. Taking place in early June, this festival is a Dundas Street classic where the celebrations are at an all-time high. The festival is a great opportunity to stroll through a variety of vendors and get some early summer shopping done. There’s also a variety of workshops, such as dance and art. If you’re looking for a day of creative exploration, this festival is for you! 

3. Disney Immersive Experience 

As spring weather can be quite unpredictable, it’s always good to have an idea for a rainy day. This is a great chance to jump back into your childhood and see your favourite Disney animations laid out in front of you. The exhibition is currently open until July and showcases a variety of Disney films. Some include Frozen, Encanto and Aladdin. As someone who grew up watching these Disney movies, the idea of re-experiencing it via massive animations sounds like the perfect spring day. 

Olga Bergmans

Toronto MU '25

My name is Olga Bergmans and I am a second-year journalism student at TMU University! When I’m not writing, you’ll most likely catch me at a coffee shop downtown Toronto, or exploring different food spots in the city!