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Monet McMichael: influencer, TikTok star, and entrepreneur.

Starting with “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) videos in her bedroom to walking in the L’Oreal Paris Runway at Paris Fashion Week, she has come a long way. McMichael’s content showcases her authentic self through a diverse range of content.

At just 23 years old, she has become a big name with her different brand partnerships and attending upscale events. McMichael currently boasts 3.7 million followers on her TikTok account and over 385,000 subscribers on YouTube.

How did she get to where she is today? It can be summed up in three words: consistency, authenticity, and positivity. 

With influencer culture at an all-time high, we see a lot of new faces pop up here and there. While some get their 15 minutes of fame, others can stay in the spotlight for some time — Monet McMichael is one of them. She started uploading vlogs on YouTube in 2009 at 12 years old. In a Teen Vogue article, she explains how it was a fun hobby she liked to do, but later on, she “retreated and got a little more self-conscious in [her] high school years.”

“I broke free from that, or I just learned how to love myself unconditionally. It was more so like, ‘Girl, let’s just share it. Let’s just find more love in it. Why are we being scared right now?’” McMichael said, reflecting on what pushed her to ultimately pursue the career she has now. 

In 2021, she started gaining traction from a GRWM video of her flipping her hair in slow motion. As she said to Teen Vogue, it was a “happy accident.” It’s such a fitting way for her to get her start in the industry — showing off her bubbly personality. 

Some of the content McMichael makes, which continues to boost her views, includes GRWMs and “Day in My Life” videos. All of these include her speaking to the camera and interacting with viewers as if she were talking to them personally. 

McMichael graduated from nursing school in 2022. She speaks about her experience juggling being a full-time student and pursuing her content creator aspirations. What stands out more is the transparency of her daily, mundane routine — it’s not always the glamorous life people often imagine. 


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Many fans look up to McMichael because she is unapologetically herself. A lot of people refer to her as having “big sister energy” and find comfort in not only her content but herself. Her journey has been one that does not look to glamourize influencer life. 

TikTok creator Celeste talks about McMichael’s effect on the public of creating a dream reality for herself.

Celeste explains that McMichael can do this for herself because “[Monet] is literally just having fun in each phase of life […] I think so many times we try to force life to happen the way we want it to and find ourselves in disappointment instead of enjoying the light that is in our life right now.” 


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McMichael knows her worth, and she lets her viewers know of it too. She encourages her viewers not to settle for less in any regard. In this video, she speaks about letting people into her life that are simply an addition. She sets an example of valuing beauty in one’s self and demonstrates how she lives her life as she pleases. 

2023 has been her year. McMichael was named one of Forbes’ Top Creators, walked in the L’Oreal Paris Fashion Week runway, partnered with many high-end beauty brands and continues to grow on various social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. 

This year, she was able to buy her own house and signed with Range Media Partners, who have assisted in creating her own clothing line with Amazon’s The Drop. She also has several beauty brand collaborations with Fenty Beauty, Lancôme, Nars, MAC, and many more. 

Spreading positivity through her authenticity, McMichael has gotten to where she is today by understanding her standards and knowing her worth. She speaks about her life experiences optimistically and doesn’t shy away from sharing her vulnerable moments. She manifested her success through the hard work she puts out and continues to inspire many. 

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