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Tik Tok is a new social media app that has been trending since it launched. This app offers you to connect with people you never met and stick with them with their page. They consist of videos of just about anything. From food Tik Tok, prank Tik Tok, dance Tik Tok, and even Pharmacy Tik Tok. The number of categories is endless and everyone you see on Tik Tok are creative, fun, and passionate in what they do. It is so fun to genuinely see people proser in their pages. It literally is an addiction. I follow this one girl that does healthy recipes that are so delicious it is out of this world. Tik Tok has so much room to explore that it makes it exciting to where you’ll go.

Hello, my name is Cynthia Juarez. I am a petroleum engineering major at UTPB looking to branch out more. I am the Campus Correspondent for HC at UTPB and treasurer of TSPE. I am social, eager, and optimisitic in anything that comes my way.
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