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When going out to eat it is no joke of how much money you can spend. Eating is fun and is great with friends or significant others. When I go out to eat I have learned when to go and where. Here are some places that have specials that I recommend.

Chili’s is across campus and is great for lunch specials during the week. Monday-Thursday before 3pm.

Olive Garden is also great to go during the week from opening time to 2 pm. They have portioned meals that are worth while paying half the price of normal meal you would spend there.

Texas Roadhouse also has a great special. The early dinner meal. It starts at $8.99 and ends at 6pm. They have a great dinner option that ranges from steak, chicken, and fish.

Subway has great specials as well during the week. Each day they have a special regarding what type of sandwich you prefer.

These restaurants are great and offer meals that are affordable. These restaurants are less than 3 miles away from campus and also do carry out.

Hello, my name is Cynthia Juarez. I am a petroleum engineering major at UTPB looking to branch out more. I am the Campus Correspondent for HC at UTPB and treasurer of TSPE. I am social, eager, and optimisitic in anything that comes my way.
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