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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas PB chapter.

New to the team? Here is the best advice I have ever received!

Whether you are starting a new job or joining a new club being the new gal on the block is never easy. Here are 3 things that can help you not only “fit” in but really “win” them over. 

Build relationships: Take the time to meet new people. Learn names and ask questions to get to know them better. Find out what role they play in the organization. Share how they add value with others you meet. Ask different people out for coffee or lunch. Find ways that you help others around you. 

Earn Trust: Earning trust is like building up your bank account. You must make frequent deposits. I do what I say I will do = deposit. I will believe the best in people = deposit. When I fall short, I will own my mistakes = deposit. If I have an issue, I will go directly to the person about it = deposit. I’ll share credit = deposit. I will put the needs of the team over me = deposit. Sooner than later, you will rack up a ton of trust!

Learn why we do what we do before you suggest changing it: Fresh eyes are the best for spotting areas of improvement; however, don’t be too quick to rock the boat. Take the time to learn why things are done that way or if things have been done differently in the past. What is the team’s goal or reason for creating it this way? While change is inevitable, please aren’t too fond of the idea—approach with care, knowledge, and understanding. If you have built strong relationships and earned the team’s trust, they will be more willing to hear your new ideas! 


Megan Baeza

Texas PB '09

Megan Baeza currently serves as the Director of Internships and Employer Relations at UT Permian Basin. UTPB has a special place in her heart as that is where she graduated with a Bachelors's in Criminology and started her law enforcement career before transitioning into HR. Megan most recently served as the Director of Human Resources for Lone Star Instrumentation and Electric Companies. Prior to that, she served in Human Resources at The Sewell Family of Companies. Megan has her SCP from the Society of Human Resource Management. She is a board member of Permian Basin SHRM, a member of the Junior League of Odessa, a past member of YPO, and board member for Centers for Children and Families. As a Permian Basin native, Megan and her husband, Abraham, have two daughters, Ava (7) and Olivia (1), and reside in Odessa.