I Want To Be Plastic

Many influencers are making quick money on social media that it makes me want to do the same. One of major things these huge influencers have is work done, literally. The money they spend on their looks makes it worth it to do the exact same. I want to get my boobs done, this will bring me major attention and more likes on Instagram. I will eventually get paid with a bigger fan base so that means I need to get my lips done. Many people will obsess over my lips like Kylie Jenner. I will look like somebody. Oh, and I forgot let me use my credit card to get a flatter stomach. For sure now I will be famous. I need to start posting selfies so I can get more attention. All eyes on me, maybe if start doing sexual pictures people will lust for me more. I have created a larger fan base I am up to 12k followers. I will soon get paid I know it. My talents? Looking hot duh. I am finally getting the attention I deserve. I am so pretty now, everyone wants to be me. The guys are always in my DMs, the comments are flattering. Maybe I can star in a reality show, or I can be a model now. I can do whatever I want now because I am beautiful. I do not want to be personal; I do not have many talents, I just want to be plastic.