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The Best Tips to Keep Your Studying Desk Functional

During Covid-19 our university has focused on keeping students healthy and self- quarantined. It is important that we stay in these guidelines while accomplishing a successful semester. Whether you are studying in your dorm, office, or home it tends to be more difficult as you begin to pile on several homework assignments and virtual learning activities all under one desk. The piling of papers can lead to misplaced items, knocking over of things, and headaches. The only way you can turn this mess around is to have a functional and minimal desk area. I have learned this from experience, and it has helped me stay on top of assignments and know where everything goes and belongs.

Tip 1)

The first tip I recommend is to clear your desk. Often, people will place decor, and textbooks on desks that end up taking up too much space and causing a chaotic finish in your mind. What I always tell my friends is an empty desk leads to a mind free from distractions. Instead organize the textbooks and paper that is not to be used now and place in baskets. Label the baskets based on the subject and organize the baskets underneath the desk. When you are ready to use the specific basket, you can slide it out and have it directly there. This method has been really functional for me and useful when it comes to multiple classes a day.

Tip 2)

Always use a comfortable, good posture chair when you are using your desk. If you use a chair that is uncomfortable, swap out immediately. You will end up having back problems and have an unpleasant time while getting your work done. The chair will be added as a trigger and excuse to not study and harp your mind on overall school. There are great finds anywhere for chairs, whether it is Target, or a local thrift store. If you cannot expense on a chair, find a way to enhance the stability of your current. If it is cold metal chair for example, place some fabric on it to keep you from having those cold touches on it. Continue by placing a pillow on the chair to make it more comfortable and place another pillow behind your back on the chair to promote more comfort as well. Anything to enhance the chair for good posture, go for it.

Tip 3)

Do not get up for any distractions, so be prepared at your desk. Have your laptop within reasonable reach (in the basket underneath the desk) as well as the charger for it. If it tends to get cold in the room have a jacket laid over the chair. Make sure to have a water bottle and snack in case you get hungry on the side as well. The preparation at your desk will help from distractions and procrastination while trying to go find something. This has helped me personally, because if I went to go get a snack from the fridge it will take me 15 minutes and 20 more minutes to get back into my work mentally. Being prepared and staying focused in virtual learning sessions, and homework will take you less time to do it and you will have good quality time in those sessions.

Tip 4)

Deep clean every week your desk. You spend a lot of time in a desk while doing schoolwork and germs can spread quickly so sanitize as needed. Now with Covid-19 it is essential to take care of your desk and your entire surroundings of that room. Staying clean not only keeps you safe but, helps you stay productive in the effectiveness of your desk. Your desk should be your sanctuary and should be your motivation for your success.

Having a functional desk with these tips will benefit you with organization skills and simplicity needed to be on your way to graduate.


Hello, my name is Cynthia Juarez. I am a petroleum engineering major at UTPB looking to branch out more. I am the Campus Correspondent for HC at UTPB and treasurer of TSPE. I am social, eager, and optimisitic in anything that comes my way.
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