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3 Shows on Netflix That You Must Watch With Your Girlfriends

Girls night is always so fun. You can all grab a cocktail, eat dinner together, or have a coffee date. But, no one emphasizes how great girl’s night in is. Especially with COVID-19 going on and with all of us trying to be safe, staying in is the best solution right now. I have watched these series and movies on Netflix with my girlfriends and, let me tell you, it was entertaining!


  1. Selling Sunset

This show is filled with gorgeous women who are taking on L.A. and it shows their professional and personal lives. The cast is composed of 7 women who all are experiencing life in different stages. Selling Sunset is incredible because it is raw in the sense of how personal these women can get and how they take pride in working hard to sell million-dollar homes. The mansions that are sold on the show are breath taking and these women are highly motivated. It is inspiring to see what it takes for them to get the job done and how much it means to them. All the women work in the same real estate group, (The Oppenheim Group) which means they spend a lot of time together. They definitely get under each other’s skin. Christine is among one of the women who brings the major drama. She is a strong TV personality but makes the show that much more drama filled, and intriguing! Overall, it is a great show that will make you binge watch all three seasons in a night and discuss whose side you’re on with your girlfriends.


  1. Queen of the South

If you want an action-packed show, I recommend this. The show is composed of a strong lead named “Teresa” who has a relationship with a drug dealer. Things begin to go downhill fast after she has to fend for herself and learn how to survive. “Teresa” is a strong woman that uses her intelligence to fight other drug dealers and climb to the top in order to stay alive. She sparks romance several times and becomes the powerful woman she always dreamed to be. Queen of the South will have your hands sweating and heart pumping wondering what will happen next. It is jammed packed and worth the watch with your girlfriends.


  1. Feel the Beat

This Netflix original is casted by a great female lead, (Sophia Carson,) alongside bold young girls. Carson plays a woman who is a professional dancer that always dreamed of going Broadway. She did not have too much luck in New York, and things take such a dramatic turn that she ends up going home. However, home is her last resort, and she treats everyone in her hometown horribly. She then works at her former dance studio and teaches young girls who are horrible at dancing. Facing no hope Carson plays a rude woman that is disrespectful to the young girls, but the young girls push back and inspire Carson to realize what life is about. This movie is heartfelt and teaches us all a lesson about one of the true values of life.


Hello, my name is Cynthia Juarez. I am a petroleum engineering major at UTPB looking to branch out more. I am the Campus Correspondent for HC at UTPB and treasurer of TSPE. I am social, eager, and optimisitic in anything that comes my way.
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