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UT Fall Fashion – The must haves for Fall 2011

With fall semester beginning at UT, there are a lot of changes going on. Building renovations, a new freshman class, and a fresh start to our men’s basketball programs are just a few things that are changing around Knoxville. With a change of season comes a change in style. I wanted to address a few of the upcoming fashion trends here for us girls at the University of Tennessee. To a college girl, the perfect outfit combines comfort and style. Here are a few items that fulfill these things.

Skinny Jeans- These are the perfect fall item, because they come in all shades and sizes. Though the point of skinny jeans is to be tightly fit, many jeans now come in a stretch form that makes comfort an option while still remaining in style.

Blazer- A blazer is the perfect item to dress up or down. It is the perfect jacket for fall because it is lightweight but can still keep you warm as the fall wind blows. Whether you’re presenting for a class or going out for a night on the town with the girls, a blazer is a must have item.

Lightweight Scarves- Scarves are something that you can wear really any time of year. You can dress up a simple outfit or accentuate an already stylish outfit with a colorful scarf.

Ballet Flats- Ballet flats are shoes that can go with many fall outfits. Whether it be a dress and leggings or a cute top and skinny jeans, there are flats for any style.

Look for all these styles within the next few weeks as the weather starts to cool off. All of these items are easy to find and cheap enough to fit the college budget. So get out there collegiettes™ and flaunt your style on campus!

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