Tanning: There's an App for that

The weather here on Rocky Top has been beautiful lately with temperatures well into the high 70s. Naturally, people we haven’t seen in months have finally emerged from hibernation to bask in the sunlight. Outdoor, between-class naps have returned, stores are being ransacked for shorts and flip-flops, and if you don’t get your spot early, the amphitheater on any given weekday is standing-room only.
We all know tanning can be a difficult, sensitive, and if done wrong, painful process. To curb some of the sunbathing woes this pre-swimsuit season, we compiled a list of apps to help you while you’re out there in the sun.

Phone Overheat Alert– Android – Free
Your phone probably gets a little hot even if you’ve been playing Draw Something for a little too long, so imagine taking your phone out into 80-degree weather at high noon. Constant overheating can cause your phone to slow down or even stop working entirely. This free app monitors your phone’s temperature, alerting you if it needs to be shut down and cool off for a while.
Perfect Tan– Apple - $ 0.99
Everyone’s skin is different. This means that while you’re laying out, you could end up resembling a lobster while your best friend looks like she just walked out of a Victoria’s Secret model shoot. Enter the Perfect Tan app. It measures the UV rays based on your location then pins it against your own personal skin type that you enter into the app. From there, it suggests how long you should stay in the sun and even alerts you when it’s time to flip over.
EWG Sunscreen Buyers Guide– Apple – Free
Prolonged sun exposure can put you a risk for skin cancer, so protecting your skin is vital. However, when the shelves are packed with sun care products that all look the same, you might not be getting the protection you need. The Environmental Working Group’s buyers guide is a tool that educates you on active ingredients, things to avoid, and gives recommendations on the best product for your skin from sunscreen to lip balm.
Nature sounds to sleep– Android – Free
It may be warm outside, but we all know spring break isn’t coming back and our summer beach vacation still seems like it’s eons away. And let’s face it: with all the construction going on, UT’s campus isn’t the most calming environment. With this app you can close your eyes, plug in your headphones and let the sound of the beach, the rain, or whatever soothes you take you away, ensuring the most relaxing pre-class nap in the sun.