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Spring Fling: Get your perfect dress

In high school this time of year may be referred to as “Prom Fever”. Girls get excited about picking the perfect dress, to match with the perfect date all topped off with a perfect up-do. Just because we’re over the age of 18 does not mean that college girls can’t get just as excited about a new dress! This time of year has a spring formal every weekend, for better or for worse we all have some summer weddings to go to, and for us seniors a new graduation dress is necessity. Here are some fresh styles of dresses for your Spring Fling!

The Bandage Dress
is a great style for a spring formal. It’s tight and form-fitting which makes it a little sexy, but the cap sleeves and a longer length keep it classy.

The Short Formless Mini
is a great pick for something more casual and fun. If you get this dress with some sequins it can be a great formal option because it shows your fun side. Or if you pick it out in a light pastel it would be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding.

The Short in the Front, Long in the Back
is a new maxi dress that is hitting racks in every store. This dress is a great option for a more formal wedding with a sleek pair of pumps. And don’t discount this one for formal if you’re wanting to look a little more glamorous.

The Criss-Cross Off the Shoulder
style is one of my favorites! This style would be great for a wedding, a formal or graduation.
It’s looser structure fits well on any body type and it screams summer with the exposed shoulders.

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