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The Spring Breakdown: Your complete guide to last minute spring break planning

Spring break is right around the corner. It will only be a matter of days before UT’s campus is deserted and your newsfeed is filled with pictures and statuses from everyone out vacationing all across the country. No plans yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve profiled a list of everything you need to plan the perfect vacation based on your own personal interests.

The Beach Bum

Likes:The sound of the ocean waves, warm breezes, white sand, trying to surf.
You’ve had your bag packed for this vacation since you saw the first snowflake fall from the sky way back in November, but you still have no idea exactly where you want to go. Several college students find that many popular spring break destinations are overcrowded and expensive. But you just have to go to the beach.

Instead of following the crowd to Panama City Beach or Miami, you could drive down to beaches like Clearwater or Tampa, Fla. Both offer beautiful sandy shores and a fun night life. Florida not a necessity for your trip? Go east instead of south and visit Myrtle Beach or the shores of Virginia Beach. There are plenty of underrated and hidden gems dotted all along the East Coast. And who said you have to stay on the East Coast? Hop on a plane and head out to California or fly across the border to the many beaches in Mexico. And here’s a fun fact for those of you who have been glued to MTV all winter: Seaside Heights is only a 12-hour drive from Knoxville. . .

The Music Buff

Likes:Good music, good vibes, and that ear ringing noise.
Dislikes:People who stand in the pit and complain that they’re “just there to hear the music.”

You’ve spent your winter curled up in a blanket, organizing your music folder and listening to your favorite tunes. Good thing for you many artists start their spring tours in March. You could take a day trip to see your favorite performer, or even find a couple touring bands that have shows relatively close to one another and make a weeklong road trip out of it!
There are also a number of music festivals that fall right in line with UT’s spring break. You could head down to the Big Easy for the BUKU Project(March 17 – 18), with headliners including DJ Diplo, Wiz Khalifa, and Grammy award-winning artist Skrillex. Thinking about Florida? No worries, the four-day Suwannee Springfest(March 22 – 25) is only a little over an hour away from Jacksonville, or you could make the drive to Miami and try to snag some tickets for the sold-out Ultra Music Festival(March 23 – 25). Still longing for the crisp winter air? The Lift Festivalin Whaleback Mountain, NH offers bands like Ghostland Observatory, Conspirator, Paper Diamond and Lettuce while including a ski/snowboard lift ticket!

The Food Fanatic

Likes: Watching cooking shows, attempting to air-flip pancakes, grocery shopping.
Washing the dishes.

So you’ve finally had it up to here with watching chefs travel to restaurant after restaurant, teasing you as they bite into exotic delicacies and local hometown favorites while you sit on the couch eating cereal. You have to take action. It’s time to plan a food tour. But how, what, to where?

Your best bet is to first solidify your budget and how far you’ll be willing to travel. Nothing will dampen a culinary venture (or any venture, for that matter) more than not having enough money to do everything you want. Grab a map and try to make a circle, don’t backtrack: this will ensure you get to visit as many places as possible. Also try to have a plan in mind. What kind of places do you want to visit? What kind of cuisine do you want to eat? Will you try local spirits and wine as well? These are all things to think about to ensure that your trip goes just as smoothly as all those chefs make it look.

The Adrenaline Junkie

Likes:Speed, the wind in their hair, horror movies, winning.

No matter what your interests are, spring break is the primo time to try something new and exciting. And since many are working and schools, both high school and college, have breaks at different times, you can be sure that you won’t spend more of your vacation waiting in line instead of having fun.

For you, spring break isn’t about idly sitting around in the sand. Spring break is your chance to try that special thing or things you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go sky-diving, or bungee jumping, or get in one of those rides that shoot you 200 feet in the air at speeds up to 60mph. Many amusement parks have great deals or open new rides in the spring, like Dollywood’s new Wild Eagle, America’s first wing coaster that opens in March 24. If rollercoasters aren’t your thing, you could make the trip to Cocoa Beach in Cape Canaveral, FL to try your hand at parasailing, where Cocoa Beach Parasail boasts to be the number one parasailing location.

The Homebody

Likes:Relaxing, hanging out with friends, watching television.
Dislikes:Being asked what they’re doing for spring break.
Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to sit at your computer and click through everyone’s beach pictures. There are still plenty of things to do literally in your own backyard. You could finish that book you’ve been meaning to read or finally finish that TV series you just haven’t had time for while you’ve been drowning in schoolwork. Or if you really want to frustrate your peers, catch up and then get ahead on your work! There’s nothing like being able to continue relaxing well after spring break while everyone else struggles to recover from their trips.
But who’s to say you have to stay inside your house doing homework, of all things? Grab some friends, get in the car, and take a trip downtown (or if you live in a really small town, take a drive to the closest city). Pretend you’ve never been there. Try to figure out what the tourists do when they visit and then do that. You’d be surprised to see what your city can offer that you’ve been overlooking for years!


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