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Hunter Boykin ’13

Meet Campus Cutie, Hunter, a great guy with a huge personality. If you need to laugh, Hunter is definitely the right person to go to. Don’t let the MMA fighter status fool you, he’s a super nice guy. Hunter’s a great addition to any circle of friends, and with that big smile, he’s sure to brighten your day!

Major and Year at UT: Junior in Logistics

Favorite class taken at UT: Scuba! It’s only the best class ever.

Favorite free-time activity: I guess just hanging with friends and meetig new people… or going to MMA.

Single or taken: Happily taken!

Worst movie you’ve ever seen: Epic Movie, the scary movie knock off, it was so awful.

If you had a theme song and a mascot, what would they be: “Good Man” by Emerson Drive, and for a mascot… I think the main character in Where the Wild Things Are. He’s awesome.

Number 1 on your bucket list: Do something that will leave a mark on the planet, whether it’s big or not. Like give everything I have to the EPA to plant trees or to create an organization to help people that are really in need. Just something that will continue to make the world better when I no longer can.

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