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In Honor of 9/11

Today we remember the men and women who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. There were police officers, fire fighters and many others that lost their lives attempting to save those men and women trapped in the chaos. Dedicate some time to remember all the victims of 9/11 in honor of the 10th anniversary.

Her Campus writer, Katie Sanders, shares the story of Hali Geller who lost her father in the World Trade Center.

ABC shares an interview with Patricia Smith, “the girl in the red dress.” Patricia was 2 years old when she accepted a Medal of Honor for her mother, NYPD Police Officer Moira Smith. Officer Smith lost her life during her efforts to save 9/11 victims. 

We will never forget where we were when the 9/11 events took place. We should also never forget the souls of those lost that day. The victims of the crashes, those who lost their lives helping, and the families that must prevail and live without their loved ones are all in our hearts today. They are our celebrities, our heroes.

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