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Football Favorites: The top team at UT

In light of their 42-16 season opening win, HC UTK wants to highlight a group that never fails to unite the city of Knoxville: The Tennessee Volunteers football team.

Since their first season in 1891, the Tennessee Volunteers have been praised by Knoxville citizens. Fall after fall the residents of Knoxville come together to celebrate and cheer on their favorite football team. Every Saturday downtown Knoxville is swallowed in a sea of orange and white. Businesses open their doors for tailgating and after parties and the whole city devotes their day to football. No other organization in Knoxville has the power or the influence to unite the city like our beloved football team.

From the Vol Walk and the run through the “T” to the last snap of the football, Knoxville is mezmerized by our “boys of fall.” No one that has lived in Knoxville can deny the celebrity status of the Vols and what they provide for the community.

Visit the UT athletics football website to read more about the Volunteer history and traditions. We look forward to a great season from a team we know we can always count on.

Photo of Tennessee Vols v. Montana Grizzlies September 3, 2011. Taken by Raymond Wagner.

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