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It’s that time of year again! Time for cute crop tops, flowy pants, bright colors and cute skirts!

Yes, at the moment, we’re all practicing social distancing (and if you aren’t, you seriously should be). But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of a little online shopping, so that when the time finally comes for us to enjoy the great outdoors and public places, we can do it in style.

As a bit of help I wanted to throw in my two-cents, by listing my top ten go-to stores for the warm-weather clothes you need! 


TJ Maxx

This is always my starting store for any seasonal shopping because of the discounted high-end clothes and body care items. No matter what, you always leave feeling like you got a great deal — and what beats that feeling on a budget?

Nordstrom Rack

Again, a great store for discounted high-end clothes, only these prices tend to go a bit steeper. I usually enjoy sandals and flats shopping here because most of the time they have a great selection, especially in the beginning of the season! 


This online store can really be hit or miss, but if you’re looking for extremely inexpensive clothing, this is the first place to check. I recommend only buying products with pictures people have posted of them in the comments — so that you can get a real look at how the product actually looks and fits. I have a bathing suit or two from here as well that I mainly just use for laying around in the sun. The clothes can definitely be cheap and flimsy, but you pay next to nothing for them. 


Never doubt the junior section at Macy’s! I’ve been shopping there since I was about fourteen years old. I’ve grown up on their American Rag section, which still has cute items to this day. There are always sales happening, so you never have to worry about paying full price for just about anything there. 

Forever 21

Yes, of course, everyone’s go-to. Need I say more?


Before you call me crazy — I mean the SALE SECTION at Anthropologie! While the store itself is expensive, they have an incredible online sale section — keep your eyes on the prize here and check back every couple weeks to see when the first wave of sale hits. 



If you’re like me, I consider Target to be the holy grail of all things shopping-related. For spring specifically though, they happen to have very cute business casual clothes. If you’re working a job or internship and are in need of some classy AND trendy style choices, Target is THE place — but seriously, shop Target ONLINE.

Brandy Melville

Last, but absolutely not least, is my all time favorite. This store is probably where I shopped the most over the last year, and not just because of it’s aesthetically pleasing clothing, but the extremely mild pricing too. The affordability of this place is amazing for the great quality clothing you get in return. My one pet peeve is the “one size fits all” mantra they tend to go by, this occasionally gets in the way of some of their cute styles, but other than that it’s a MUST check out. 

I hope that some of these suggestions make you excited for spring fashion, even though we are stuck inside right now. Together, though, we can get through this challenging and unexpected time — and we can stock up on some cute spring pieces in the meantime!

Shannon is a Sophomore at Temple University in the Fox School of Business. She is writer for Temple's chapter of Her Campus, a lover of all things Pinterest related, and an avid online shopper. When she's not in class you can find her either curled up rewatching Vampire Diaries for the 100th time or on her laptop scrolling through Pinterest pages!
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