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Word on the street!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

This week in the news:

1. Racist texts sent by Coatesville, PA Superintendent, Richard Como, and athletic director, Jim Donato sparked outrage.

2. Evidence shows that the terrorist attack on a Nairobi, Kenya mall, which killed at least 67 and left 61 people still unaccounted for, were a year in the making.

3. The Miss Teen USA “sextortion” scandal brings to light a new concern with technology: the ability for hackers to activate your cameras and watch you without your knowledge or consent.

4. Can the iPhone updates really be making you physically sick? One doctor says, ‘Yes!’

5. Kanye West is fuming at Jimmy Kimmel after Kimmel’s spoof on West’s BBC interview upsets the rapper. West got at Kimmel through Twitter, of course.


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