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Who Runs The World? Female Protagonists!

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March is a special month for women as it acknowledges the history we have made and our accomplishments. Women are strong and brave, especially in our film portrayals. Read here for a list of my favorite powerful female protagonists!

As we know March is Women’s History Month, which is a time to celebrate all the accomplishments women have made. I believe this includes film! There are many roles that have been groundbreaking for women in film and television throughout the years, and we should acknowledge it. So, without further ado, here are four movies  I think are great examples of how strong women are! 

    1. Hidden Figures 

Overall, I want to say this movie was excellent, as it is a true story of the Black women who worked  at NASA during a time where it was not acceptable for women (and people of color, in general) to work in STEM fields. The main characters: Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and Katherine G. Johnson, were all brilliant mathematicians who got hired at NASA, despite the racism and segregation they faced.  This movie will have you feeling inspired, but with a feeling of heartbreak for what all the women have to go through. I felt this during the one scene where Katherine (Taraji P Henson), was late to a meeting due to running across NASA’s campus to use the “colored” bathroom. She gets into trouble for being late, which leads her to break down saying how much harder things are for her being a Black woman in a White-dominated industry. 

2. Brave  

A little throwback, but always a classic Disney animated movie. Brave takes place during the Medieval era, when women were supposed to be “lady-like”. To me, this translates to just letting men take the lead and women should indulge in more “feminine”. But the main character, Merida was  different; she wanted to test her limits, and try to do things that were not part of the norm for women like archery. As the movie progresses, you can see how much Merida involves herself in things in order to be able to be her true self. This is definitely a must-watch for young girls, as they should know that they should not let gender roles get in the way of what they want to do.  

3. Mulan  

Another one of my childhood classics, Mulan based on traditional Chinese culture, where women once again are expected to care for the home while men fight in wars. However, Mulan has other ideas. When her father is called in to be at war, she decides to be a stand-in for him as he is too old and sick. She poses as a man and does the unthinkable: join the war. Throughout this film, her bravery and courage remain at the forefront. Every time I have watch this movie, it always keeps me at the edge of my seat, anticipating what will happen next.  I highly recommend watching this film, as Mulan depicts the perfect heroic character; she is kind and selfless and overall a badass female lead, which I loved.  

4. Legally Blonde  

Elle Woods is a combination of girly, chic, and crazy-intelligent. What started off as a ploy to get closer to her ex-boyfriend Warner, Elle decides to promptly apply to Harvard Law School after receiving a 179 on the LSAT. She ultimately becomes the top of her college graduating class. She finds a passion for law which teaches her that she does not need a man to be happy. This story line was so inspiring that the first time I watched, it almost convinced me to pursue law, as well. Elle is iconic because she is unlike other feminist characters as she goes against the stereotype. Everyone underestimates her because of her looks and background. Also, the fact her and Warner’s girlfriend, Vivian, ended up joining forces and becoming friends at then end, goes to show how important the phrase “girls supporting girls” really is. Overall if  you like the color pink, and engaging story, this is sure to be the movie for you! 

Overall, the month of March is time for the celebration of women. From homemakers to superheroes on tv, women are courageous in almost everything and we continue to prevail, despite all the challenges we face. Whether it is challenging ourselves to try something new or taking a dangerous risk, we will always do it with grace no matter what. If you’re struggling to stay motivated and take risk, always ask yourself, like Beyonce says “who runs the World?” Girls!  

Currently, a junior at Temple University and apart of the Arts and entertainment section. i love books, fashion, movies, and naps, and a hardcore reality tv fanfic. A lover of aesthetically pleasing things, pink, and all things luxurious.