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What’s The Meaning of Beauty to You?

Beauty is defined in countless different ways. It’s something that can come within a person, and most certainly, on the outside as well. We find ourselves looking into the mirror, trying to identify our most significant flaws and insecurities. Scrolling through social media sites informs us how we’re supposed to look or act during our daily lives. It can be challenging when we’re faced with distractions and stereotypes. The conversation that needs to be addressed is that beauty is more than the clothes we wear and the makeup we put on our faces. We should not be worrying about what people will think if our figure doesn’t fit societal standards. Beauty isn’t limited to people’s expectations; it’s whatever the individual wants it to be. 

I know everyone has some type of insecurity about themselves that they struggle with day by day. That’s okay! No one on this earth is perfect. I have numerous insecurities that I can’t shake off, but I’m continuously learning how to deal with them and remain confident. Hearing other women’s opinions about what beauty is can help those who need a little guidance. Besides my family, I appreciate going to my friends for advice that can be about anything.

While thinking about the idea of beauty, I thought it would be perfect to ask a few of my friends what beauty means to them. 

Genesis Santana: “Beauty is feeling confident in your mind and body despite being aware of every imperfection. Knowing that you are beautiful because you are you.”

Morgan Cieslik: “Beauty is something inside. It's something people feel instead of seeing. When people feel the happiness from your smile or the brightness from your energy. Beauty is confused with looks because people try so hard to look "perfect" with no flaws, but flaws make us different. Being different from everyone is beautiful.”

Lindsay Griffin: “The meaning of beauty to me is everything you see on the inside of a person. Less is more when I think of beauty. All the imperfections that make up one person is where beauty truly lies.”

Jonaira South: “Beauty to me goes deeper than physical appearance. Having real beauty means having a kind heart, and being a selfless person at certain times. It also means putting yourself first sometimes. To have real beauty, you need to be beautiful on the inside and out. If you don’t love yourself, making yourself happy won't come easy. I know for me personally, if I feel bad on the inside, it shows on the outside. If I feel bad on the inside, I will push anger onto others instead of dealing with it from within. You have to be able to love yourself just as much as you love others.”

Kimberly Katherine: “Kindness! Inside matters the most to me.”

Alyssa Brown: “What beauty means to me is something that grows from the inside out. It took some time for me to realize that when I was little, but as I grew up, it made a lot of sense. When people look on social media, beauty is all focused on what’s on the outside-very superficial. For example, like makeup, Botox, having a specific body type, etc. When I think of someone who has beauty, it’s based on their soul. I feel like you could be very beautiful but have a very bitter heart and ugly soul, and to me, that strips away the quality of your physical beauty. That’s why there is a phrase that says, “You’re beautiful inside and out.” Beauty to me feels like being comfortable in your skin and feeling good about yourself. But at the end of the day, character is what builds a person, and if you don’t have those good qualities, you’re just another pretty face with a bitter heart.”

It can be a great confidence booster to hear from others and how robust their words can be. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, skin colors, and we should all be proud of how we look. Building each other up is what we need to do. We all go through things that can lead us into a hole that can be hard to come out of. You are the one who defines your beauty. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and it’s important to tell those who don’t hear it enough. I hope my friends were able to inspire many of you to believe in yourself and not let anyone tell you what your beauty should be. 

I’m Taylor Carmichael and I’m an Senior Journalism Major at Temple University. I’m all about happiness and living life to the absolute fullest. I enjoy dressing out of my comfort zone and taking tons of cute photos. If I’m not sticking my head in the books I’m enjoying time with my friends and going on memorable adventures. I’m outgoing, love to make people laugh and just having a good time.
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